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30-06-04, 02:39
Hi, Im robi, im 25 and i live in the uk ( but im italian). I posted here only a couple of times before....as i sayd in another post i smoke quite a lot of pot plus i got some kind of eating disorder so often i find myself with not much energy....anyway this is just a rant...u dont have to answer guys...its just that im feeling so lonely. Ive been living in the uk for 2 years and a half now. Here i live with my boyfriend, he's welsh. And he's great and all .....but i left back in italy many good friends..and here im so lonely. I dont know how or why ( or maybe i do....im screwed up) but i havent made any friend of my own here. I particularly miss a friendship with other girls.....just the odd chat and the lough about the lads or silly things like that. I also miss the love ( given and recevied) of friendship. Ive always battled with depression, mood swings, anxiety and stuff like that but im also loved back in italy couse im a good friend u can rely on, and a good person. Here i feel so undervalued....i tried to get to know some people better but nothing has ever developed in a friendship. The thought of this is hard for me. I really feel like nothing matters no more sometimes. And that nothing nice is waiting for me in the future. Only getting old and lonely. I always think that if something happend to my boyf id just kill myself. Couse i got no one here, he's the only love i have and i dont wanna go back to italy anyway couse there's no work there and there's nothing for me.
i just wish so much i had a friend to love and to be loved by....but im only a lonely girl.
hugs to everyone....i read your posts often guys, ure all great.

30-06-04, 03:16
Hi Robi, nice to meet you. :D

(My husband started life as my penpal - long story ;) )

I was born in Country Durham, and I have lived in the West Midlands for 10 years.
I also left my friends behind.
(Admittidly I do get to see them at Christmas Time, or when ever I go back up north. But it is not the same as being able to pop round for a cup of coffee - is it. )

I haven't made many friends here. Apart from My best friend Richard, and the neighbours in the street. But that is about it.

So I can understand what you mean when you say you feel lonely.
It can be so hard to start again in a new area, so many different things to get used to.

If you get too lonely you can always E-mail me for a bit of company [8D]

Love, light and Best wishes
Liz xxx
With hard work and determination and all the things you know.
The world is there for you to take. There's nowhere you can't go.

[:p]Scatty Eccentric & 'Poet Laureate to panic and anxiety'

30-06-04, 13:14
hi liz:) thank u so much for your answer
id love for us to become friends really.
now i just woke up ( i know im terrible, its 1 pm) so i cant think straight:) but ill write u soon.
u re right it's really hard moving to another place....when i did i thought everything would have been perfect...but life is not perfect is it....:)
love xxxx robi

30-06-04, 14:53
Hi Robi,

When my bf and I split up I suddenly became aware that I knew very few people around me. It helped me to join a yoga class as I am now friends with 3 of the girls from there but doing a bit of volunteer work very locally also helped plus joining a walking group..

Do your friends from Italy come over to visit at all ?


'There can only be true courage when first there is genuine fear'

Dr.David Livingstone

30-06-04, 19:51
no they never come really....but joining some group is a good idea, i think that when ill be completeley fed up i will
thanks so much for ur answer xxx

30-06-04, 20:12
Hi Robi

I know how you feel.

I don't have many real mates to be honest. My best mate lives only 20 mins away but all the people at work are colleagues more than mates.

My family are about 1.5 hours drive away so I can see them but we don't meet up that often - just talk on the phone every day. My brother-in-law is Italian by the way!

Like Meg, I have met a lovely bunch of women at the local aerobics class and they do invite me to the girlie do's they are having - I missed the last one though and that was the 1st one they had lol!

To be honest (and this may seem sad) I have more virtual mates on this forum that I do in real life. They are all such a lovely gang and I call them mates. We are all here for each other and we can be for you too.

How about popping in the chat room sometime and saying hi?

Anyway, just wanted to Welcome you here and let you know that we are all here for you ok? If ever you feel down, then someone in here will pick you up again.

Take care



01-07-04, 19:15
oh nicola thank u so much !!! u made me feel so much better...u know when i think about joining a class or somethign...i can already picture myself on my own with the other girls become friends and me left out.....but im gonna try....where do u live? im in wales.
im gonna come to the chat room , maybe tonight, that is a lovely idea.
u guys are the best, nicola thx again.
xxxx love xxxx

01-07-04, 20:16
Hi again

At least if you meet some people then you can see how it goes and choose whether to be-friend them or not. No harm in trying is there?

I replied to your post about the chat room - it livens up after 8.30 - 9pm ok?

I live in Potton in Bedfordshire.


01-07-04, 20:50
Hi Robi,

I'm Tess. I'm sorry you are feeling lonely at the moment. Sadly, we Brits are not the most open of people and it can be hard to make new friends. I talk to everyone which is nice when I'm lonely. What I mean is people out and about - in the shops, on the bus etc. Given time people let down their reserve.
Meanwhile this is a great place to make friends with people who have the same problems and know how you are feeling,

love Tess xx