View Full Version : How did you feel AFTER a colonoscopy???

15-08-13, 15:09
The reason I am asking is that I have been booked in for an endoscopy and a colonoscopy on the 5th September. Problem is I am going down to Devon the next day. My partner will be driving (as we will be towing our caravan), and though the assessment nurse at the hospital said I will be fine to travel, I want to know if anyone can tell me how they they felt the next day?

The thing I am worried about is will I still have loose bowels the next day (not a good idea if sat in a car!) and will I feel ok?

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :shades:

15-08-13, 15:19
The pain and wind should have passed by then and I don't remember feeling bad the day after.

15-08-13, 16:06
I felt fine about an hour after x

15-08-13, 16:51
My daughter was just tired. The loose bowels are beforehand as far as I remember. If you aren't driving you should be fine I think. x

22-08-13, 00:14
Well, I can honestly say that I feel normal (did sleep until lunch time today). But been for a long walk with hubby and the dog and quite energetic. A bit windy this evening lol and very bloated but other than that, no bm. But my problems are severe constipation anyway so doubt I will go for a while yet and the bloating is probably normal. Hope all goes well and will keep my eye open for your post nearer the time - good luck :)

22-08-13, 07:08
I was fine the next day, if anything you are more likely not to need to go as it clears pretty much everything out of you beforehand. I think I was constipated for a couple of days, but then back to normal after that

22-08-13, 12:10
I had some soft stools for a couple of hours afterwards, but was fine by the next day.

You might still be tired from the sedative, and will not be safe to drive yourself for 24 hours. But as a passenger you should be absolutely fine and maybe you will doze off for a bit.

You might also have a sore throat from the endoscopy. I personally did not. But if you do, maybe take a hot drink in a flask for the journey.