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18-08-13, 23:28
Hello All

I am currently on Clomipramine for OCD and Trichotillomania, it seems to be working so happy with that.

I have quite a big public speaking event coming up soon, and anxiety is pouring out of every pore! So when I was at the docs last, I mentioned this and she said she could give me something else just for the short term to get me through this event. Stupidly, I said I'll wait and see! What an eejit!

So, now I am wondering, what would she have been suggesting? Valium?
Is anyone else on an AD / anxiety drug and also takes something else in addition?

MM x

18-08-13, 23:49
Hi i take the AD venlafaxine but also take 2mg of diazepam as and when needed, i find the diazepam really helps calm my anxiety down in anxious situations, it doesn't knock me out as its such a small dose it just makes me see things more rationally x x

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I will stress tho that diazepam is addictive and should only be used sparingly x x

Daisy Sue
18-08-13, 23:51
Have you ever tried Bach's Rescue Remedy? Might just be enough to take the nerves away.. you could give it a trial before the big day.