View Full Version : New To Cymbalta 60mg

20-08-13, 13:06
I was put on 60mg Cymbalta today. Does anyone have any advice for me? Side effects most importantly are my main concern. I have heard great things about this medication and after a mutual discussion with my Psychiatrist we have decided to give it a go. Any advice and symptoms would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)

I am on it for Anxiety and depression.

20-08-13, 17:27
I'm always wary of telling people side-effects as I don't want to worry them :)

That said....I found this drug's start up harder than any other AD but it wasn't awful.

I had insomnia and was just worn out - had no energy at all for a few days, but I took leave from work as I expected that.

On an ongoing basis, I didn't notice many side effects, but I've been on so many drugs over the years I'm used to not feeling 100%.

There were some bouts of nausea and stomach pain too - but you can avoid the worst of this by taking directly after food.

Good luck, I hope it works for you. It's stopped working for me but so did the last drug I was on so that says more about my own brain than the drug.

When it worked for me it worked well.

21-08-13, 11:59
Thank you Mark

I have so far only noticed that I am very tired on it and it's only day two. I slept in the afternoon yesterday which isn't like me at all.