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21-08-13, 11:59
I have some mild anxiety and this affects my sleep, I am able to fall asleep but will wake up again within an hour. I repeat this all night long, probably waking 6 times a night and lying awake for 30-60 mins each time. I am now on Antitrityline, the first night I had great sleep on 20mg but felt spaced out, a little dizzy and tired the following day (I did take it at bed time but now take it an hour before bed) on 10mg I wake up during the night.

My question is - will the side effects pass? I need 20mg for it to work properly but it takes its toll the following day, I don't "wake up" properly until about 4pm so work is challenging.

I've found that if I take it too early (2-3 hours before bed) I miss the drowsy sweet spot and end up being awake all night.

I tool 20mg an hour and a half before bed last night and slept great, trouble is I feel out of it today. Not as bad as when I took it the first time though.

I'm going to try 15mg and hour and a half before bed tonight and see how that does tomorrow.

Anyone else had any experience with this drug or the side effects?

21-08-13, 12:21
Hello there I've had amitriptyline in my cupboard for about 3 months now but I'm to worried about taking them for the same reason you are saying I'm a bit scared of the side effects I was given them for pain in my back and to relax me so pain would get better but I'm yet to take them , I've only got 10 mg but if that don't work I know doctor will just give me a higher dose and it could just keep going up and up so I'm trying to cope without them , sorry couldn't help with your question but thought I would comment .I wish you well x

21-08-13, 13:00
Thanks Jackie - I'd recommend taking them after your day is done and you are just relaxing, say 6pm onwards. That way they will be out your system by the time you wake up. Good luck x

21-08-13, 13:16
In my experience the side effects do wear off over time. I found they are just OK for helping you get to sleep BUT where they come in handy is they actually make you stay asleep, rather than keep waking up multiple times a night.

I always took mine early evening... 7pm or about 12hrs before I wanted to be up in the morning. I found this reduced the chances of the morning hangover effect.

21-08-13, 13:25
Both advise are helpful thanks but do the effects last all day or just when you first get up and do or did you feel you could still get on with things and what about driving .x

21-08-13, 14:39
Driving is fine, you just feel a little groggy/sleepy but it shouldn't stop you doing anything, just makes it more difficult. The first time I took it I was light headed all day the following day and even when walking the dogs I would need to sit down and take a break. Recently I've just found the mornings difficult, hard to concentrate, not fully alert - again I could drive to work or go to the shops but trying to concentrate on tasks at work or attending long meetings is challenging.

Take the pills as early as possible and have a strong coffee and a shower when you get up.

Hopefully these side effects will shift, Amitrip has really helped me sleep and without sleep I am anxious and feel depressed, I can't cope with stress whereas at the moment I am happy and starting to get back to normal :)

The dry mouth isn't so bad, I am always thirsty anyway and I've not put any weight on this week but my appetite has been good.

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Also I tend to wake up naturally around 7am when on Amitrip (my alarm is set for 7:30am), usually after 8 hours sleep. I feel sleepy but relaxed when I wake up, whereas I used to feel anxious and depressed and that would force me out of bed so that my mind wouldn't wonder further.

21-08-13, 14:42
Thank you for reply it has helped a lot I must get brave and start them because I do need them , x

21-08-13, 14:49
I have taken 25mg for 8 weeks and had no side effects at all. It has also sorted my pain. Miracle drug as far as I am concerned.

21-08-13, 14:58
Charlie that has made me feel a lot better it's the pain I need them for the most glad they worked for you x

21-08-13, 15:10

Seriously you should take it. I started on 10mg for two weeks. Then 20mg for two weeks. Since then been on 25mg. This is still a smallish dose. I will only go up to 50mg if it stops working.

Take the plunge. You'll be fine.


21-08-13, 15:14
I am taking 10mg for almost 2 months now.
It always worked as I was waking up few times during the night and not anymore.
It's a bit more difficult to wake up at 7 the morning, but I am not complaining at all because it's much better than not sleeping!!

For one week I had anxiety and it was not working anymore.. but as I "solved" my anxiety I am sleeping again.

The pDoc told me that in the future I can use 10 and 25 mg in difficult moments..

21-08-13, 15:38
Thanks Charlie I'm going to I go on holiday Friday will start when I get back because would like a few drinks and just in case they do make me a bit tired but you have convincd me now thank you x

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That great arfasc the news gets better and better I've only heard horrible effects about these tablets but as you can see I am going to give them a go thanks x

22-08-13, 13:18
I took 15mg last night at 9pm, slept from 11 to 7, best nights sleep ever. Groggy this morning but not as bad as yesterday (20mg). Think I'm slowly getting used to it. I have noticed its more difficult to gather my thoughts and articulate them and I am tired on a night before taking the pills so I'll be keeping an eye on that. Anxiety is easing off now I've had a few nights sleep :)

22-08-13, 17:55
Thanks Charlie I will xxx