View Full Version : Colonscopy DONE and not as bad as I thought it would be

21-08-13, 13:34
Well, after nearly waiting 4 hours for the picolax to work, I finally managed to get everything moving and was very clear. I had 5 sennas, one lot of picolax and one lot of moviprep - all were very gentle on the tummy and no cramps.

I was put into a room to get changed, and have some bp and oxygen checks, and then a cannula put in, and the nurse put something in that and a bit later when I was asked to sign my consent form, I told the nurse that the stuff wasn't working. She was howling as she explained it was just saline lol and that the sedative would be administered in the room of the procedure. So we had a laugh over that!

The doctor was very pleased with the prep and can honestly say it was not as bad as I expected. It was a bit uncomfortable and just 2 moments when it hurt but they turned me onto my back and the pain went (they said it was just going around the bends that made it a bit difficult). They were so nice and calming and was worried about passing wind more than anything and they had a giggle with me but I didn't expel anything and chatted away to me. I was worried about needing to go before the procedure but they explained that they use a suction to clear the fluid in there and the fluid was very clear. I had 7 biopsies done and never felt a thing when they did that. No polyps, and everything appeared very normal which was a relief as there is a strong family history of polyps and bowel cancer.

I watched the whole thing on the screen and and the doctor gently prodded my tummy and got me to have a go and watched it wobble on the screen. Was quite funny. And even watched the biopsies and was amazed that I never even felt it tug. I am usually so squeamish so why I was so mesmorised by it, I do not know lol.

Apart from them 2 moments (which soon disappeared) and some little discomfort, it was a doddle. I can honestly say, I could go through it again. I got so worked up and almost cried when my husband left me and had to keep reminding myself to be brave.

I had no gas or bloating afterwards though, and so where it went, I do not know lol. I was sedated but was completely aware throughout the whole experience and never felt woozy but did feel very tired and slept solidly last night for about 13 hours!!!

If anyone is going to have this done, then go for it. I almost wanted to leave as soon as I got there and got very frightened - and all for nothing. But as the nurse said "its fearing the unknown"!

But now I know, I can do it again. The prep was fine too (no stomach cramps either). I have yet to "go" and am sure I will eventually so will see if that goes ok and will get my results in 2 weeks :)

21-08-13, 13:58
Well done you I was very proud of myself when I had mine and I was so scared I was nearly sick and I did cry when my husband left lol well all over now but they told me there findings straight afterwards but still had a follow up appointment , wish you well x

21-08-13, 14:09
well done for confronting your fears you did very well blessings

21-08-13, 15:45
Well done and thanks for letting us know how it went!

22-08-13, 00:04
Thank you for the support - much appreciated :)

22-08-13, 07:52
Fantastic! Well done! SO proud of you!! :bighug1:

22-08-13, 10:04
well done sarahjane. your words will be of great encouragement and assistance to other people and i'm really glad you got through this ok. i really am very impressed with your resilience & how you coped - especially using humour.

22-08-13, 12:04
Well done, glad it went well and the results look good.

You won't go to the toilet for a little while as you are completely empty. It will take a little time for your food to work its way through. You will go eventually.

22-08-13, 14:07
Thanks for posting your experience! I am having one on Tuesday and it helps to read other's stories of success. :)

22-08-13, 16:36
Thanks again and good luck cdancel :-)

13-04-14, 06:02
Mine's coming up Tuesday, so I'm very glad to hear that it can be as easy as you described. Happy to hear yours went well!

13-04-14, 07:04
good luck bulan :-)

13-04-14, 14:50
Thank you! :)