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21-08-13, 20:48
on monday i had to have my dog lady put to sleep she was my best friend she has been with all the time i had panic attacks when i could not sleep at night she was 12 years old she had a lot of health problems but we always got her well again with the great work of the vets who have been great but on monday she was really ill and there was nothing they could do i have cried so much she was the best she understood me more than anyone she will be missed by all of us marg

21-08-13, 20:53

I'm so sorry you've lost your best friend - I know how devastating that is. You know you did the right thing and you wouldn't want her to have suffered any more.

Remember all the great times you had with her and the joy she brought to your life. You must have meant the world to her too and she had a lovely life with you.

Thinking of you

Pip xxx

21-08-13, 21:13
Sorry to hear of this Marg, I know how hard it is to lose a pet, dogs are our best friends and a big part of our family and it is heartbreaking when we lose them. Sending you loads of hugs :hugs::hugs:xx

21-08-13, 22:02
I am really sorry to hear this Marg :( I have lost pets myself and know how hard it is. Sending you hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs:

21-08-13, 22:06
So sorry Marg, I lost my Spaniel Bobby to Cancer in January, he was a wonderful companion and made me laugh so much, I remember the good times we shared together.x

21-08-13, 22:38
Hey marg, I am very sorry to hear about your lovely dog. It's so hard when we lose our lets because as you rightly say, they re our best friend, I know I didn't know Lady, but I really can sense how important she was to you. I can really appreciate why you would feel so attached to her. When I began therapy, we had just acquired a new cat. When we first got her, she was very timid. But in time she became a wonderful companion, she grew in confidence. She was a truly amazing friend & when she went, it was so upsetting. Like you I cried so much, she had been on a journey at the same time as me. She was brilliant. That's why I can feel your loss. I know you will miss her terribly but that is a mark if what a wonderful dog she was and yes indeed your best friend. Hugs xXx