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22-08-13, 15:50
This is going to be a mighty long post so please, by all means; take a seat (I've heard that phrase a lot this year- you too no doubt?)

I am 41, male, and am clueless about this..I thankfully am with BUPA which has been very useful in this instance.

I'll start with where it all started, how I was before and where I am now :shrug: Any light, advice, tips you have to offer will be much appreciated thank you in advance.

Last Summer, towards the end of August I was having a few drinks with friends, one very hot evening as I recall and I came over a little sick, visited the bathroom and repeatedly vomited nine times in one go, it was like pure water and I have to say, it was the most I have ever vomited there seemed to be so much. I came out and we were all pretty clueless about what had brought it on but we all put it down to being out in intense heat, drinking a bit too much, possibly mixing antihistamine during the day or food poisoning..

Next morning I woke to be greeted by intense stomach cramps and what followed was seven days of diarrhoea approximately ten times daily before getting a doctors appointment...Let the diagnosis begin:shades:

Based on my family history the GP was pretty certain it was an ulcer so we went down the route of:


1) Cutting all spicy food out.
2) " " Coffee out.
3) " " Booze.
( Non-smoker)

Abstaining from any foods that I would consider 'saucy' so, Curry, Bolognese style sauces.

This procedure was put into practice for a few weeks before returning with my experience.


Diarrhoea ceased, constant stomach pains, acidy, gassy, pain in the back but not like backache, like a burning- Doctor prescribed Omeprazole (x1) and Meberevine (x2 daily) and so the pill popping started.

Was told to try this for a few weeks then return.In the meantime was taking Rennie as I seemed to be suffering from acid burning, I chomped through packs of these- to no avail, so stopped!


Returned to GP and said that my back if anything seemed far worse, the tablets didn't seem to be doing anything so was prescribed Lanzaprozole which was; interesting..

I took my first Lanzaprozole and within minutes found my lips going numb, I went into a cold sweat, palpitations and honestly thought it was "Good night Vienna" We called a medical helpline and I was given an emergency appointment first thing in the morning. It was clear I had an almost immediate reaction so was told to stop taking them.. So I returned back to Omeprazole and Meberevine, the pain in my back was continual every single minute of every day, even as I am typing I am sweating and my back pain is at what I would say is my limit ( I am a sciatica sufferer and have had a slip disk so know my pain threshold, I would say this is half as painful as a slipped disc but is every single day)..


Weds 10th " Stomach and back really good today :yesyes:...Afternoon...All kicked off again :doh: That said, that was still a morning without the pain- why?

From what I can see in my diary all of October continued in pain, both Stomach and back. Its sad as I look at pictures of me in July and by November I can see the pain in my eyes, constantly.


"Stomach pain still continuing, feel sick most days, rib pain in middle of back, stomach cramps."

Back to my Doctors: Blood tests, Xray = both fine! Which was great but still why was / am I in so much pain? Prescribed Fybogel..No let up.


In so much pain started taking Co-Codamol, packet states longer than three
days continual use, so I booked an appointment with my GP to tell him I had been using them constantly and they were definitely relieving the pain- intermittently, sometimes I use them and the back and shoulder pain ceases, other times absolutely not..So that was something..My GP said it was fine to continue taking them of which I am still doing, in fact I have just this minute taken one..


Having taken pretty much hundreds of Cocodamol I returned to see my GP again and to give further updates and endured as long as I could before asking him to refer me to BUPA- this he did and the tests began.

March-August (one year later)

Test 1: Ultrasound= x2 polyps on gallbladder. When I asked if this was causing me the pain I was no and that it was doubtful..
Test 2: Endoscopy= Some signs of gastritis.
Test 3: X ray = Fine
Test 4: Colonoscopy= Fine some signs of constipation, I have to say Pikolax is one of the most horrific medicine experiences I have ever had, I wouldn't know where to start but please, if you are given Pikolax sachets, expect a really nasty experience for at least three days, absolutely horrible stuff.

Having just attended my final consultation our final tests were to be MRI Scan which the specialist said he is reluctant to proceed with as he said he didn't want to expose me to the scan? And finally he prescribed Amitripyline..I have no idea what to expect or what the results will be, or even why I have been prescribed from what I can see is a mild anti-depressant. I will keep you updated but if anyone has similar experiences please share so that we can build information to hopefully benefit others.

All in all, it could have been far worse and I am grateful nothing grim was discovered but I feel I can't just walk away from this, I am in constant pain and have taken over the last year what must be thousands of the above medication and still there is no result?


22-08-13, 22:15
Hey rgranger,
I read all your post.
I don't have any interesting things to tell you, I am sorry, but I wish you good luck and hope you will feel better soon!
I am taking amitryptiline for insomnia, but I know that is prescribed also for pain and hemicrania, so maybe that's why they prescribed it to you? not for the antidepressive part of the medication..

22-08-13, 22:23
Let's hope so, I am looking at this tablet pondering on whether to take it or not, I suppose I am going to have to :wacko:

22-08-13, 23:50
Amitriptyline as arfasc says is generally for pain management, although it's not an analgesic AFAIK, I think it's meant as more of a relaxant at low doses; higher doses as a sleep aid.

My advice (based on my own GPs when I was prescribed them today) - be prepared for several days of "druggy" sedation.

Welcome to the forum BTW.

23-08-13, 13:33
Cheers Mark,

I took my first one last night, within an hour or so I could feel my thoughts narrowing, normally I lay in bed mulling over lots of different things, but I could feel myself just focusing on one, then I became a tad anxious, my eyes felt a bit sore and I had a few muscle twitches i my back and that was it, fast asleep.

I've had a morning without any really bad pain, just what I would say is a tiny bit of muscle strain, so my first experience wasn't too bad at all. :blush:

23-08-13, 15:04
Glad you went first :)

Also happy it worked for you.

As I'm still suffering withdrawal from abrupt cessation of duloxetine (although it's more annoying than anything) I thought it best to up my mirtazapine dose last night first.

Cue the inevitable awful night's sleep (more my natural insomnia returning rather than the effect of the dug).

So I'll be taking 10mg of Amitriptyline tonight.

At least I'm in with my feet up tomorrow - I find it best to introduce new (especially sedating) drugs at the weekend.

29-08-13, 09:06
I have to say I am feeling a small change in that I have taken three lots so far and have had at least one day pain free, though the pain did return in the evening, side effects so far- none that noticeable, have had a few sweats which I have never noticed before and memory is having a few lapses but then kick starts, silly things like I was going to buy picture frames, I selected x4 put them in the trolley then double checked and they were all the wrong size, so if anything, the immediate decision making is a bit behind, or feels that way, also driving reactions were a few seconds behind which isn't great! Perhaps taking them earlier is the solution?

04-09-13, 07:43
Amitriptyline helps me sleep. Like all meds, I hate taking it.

01-01-14, 17:58
Just thought I would follow up, but firstly happy new year all.:yesyes:

As of yesterday, I have stopped taking Amitripyline and will be going to see my GP to look further into what this constant burning pain is, its far worse if I lie flat on my back, side seems okay but sat at a computer, like now its as if I have smeared Deep heat across my shoulders, middle and lower back, this seems to have lasted for so long, I have gone through all of the tests except for an MRI which I feel is my only option, my gut feeling is its muscular as well, the shooting pains in my elbows, the burning pain and the occasional sciatic -

Just for the record since I have stopped taking Amitripyline, I am getting my words far less muddled, my memory seems a lot better but the pain is still there :doh:

Speak soon.