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24-08-13, 17:27

I'm new here so not too sure how this works. I wonder if anyone could shed some lights on my results and tell me whether you think I should see a Cardiologist.

I'm 22 years old and battled Anorexia from 13-19. I am in recovery now and at a much better weight (BMI 17.9). I also have Endometriosis and recurrent urine infections; along with low ferritin and osteopenia.

I'm on Sertraline 50mg and monthly Zolodex injections; along with medication for my osteopenia, regular co-codamol (30/500) and my low ferritin.

My holt monitor results are as follows:
Sinus rhythm/Bradycardia
Unifocal VE's seen in isolation only.
SVE's seen in isolation only.
No direct correlation between patient symptoms of dizziness and ECG recording.

Any input would be brilliant!
Many thanks,

24-08-13, 17:32

We aren't cardiologists I have to say so I am not going to attempt to interpret the results but who ordered the tests and have they told you what the results are and what it means?

24-08-13, 17:42
Hi :-)

Thanks for your post. I'm new here.

The nurse gave me the print out and I have an appointment with my GP in 2 weeks time. I'm quite worried as don't know what they mean.


24-08-13, 17:57
ok well if it was anything serious they would see you sooner than 2 weeks.

Try not to worry ok

24-01-14, 21:22
VE stands for ventricular ectopics - like premature ventricular contractions, pvcs, which are what many of us on here get. They reckon 40% or more of people get them but most don't notice them. I get thousands a day at times and still my docs aren't concerned. On my last holter monitor I had a good day, but it still recorded 300 and my gp was not at all worried. If you have isolated ones, that is absolutely fine as I understand it.

As said, if there was anything on there of concern you would be seen much quicker. Also, it looks like nothing unusual was going on with your heart at the time you said you felt dizzy ('no correlation')., which is good I reckon.