View Full Version : Cymbalta from Cipralex

27-08-13, 03:47
Finally saw my psychiatrist today and she's put me on Cymbalta as it appears Cipralex has pooped out on me after 2 1/2 years. I'm to take 30mg Cymbalta with 10mg Cipralex for a week and then 60mg Cymbalta with 10mg Cipralex until I see her next. Cipralex was my first AD and it was not fun starting on it. I assume it won't be so bad switching since I'm on something but what can I expect? Anyone done this switch?

30-08-13, 18:49
how did your doc determine that cipralex has pooped out on you? what dose of cipralex were you taking?

04-09-13, 05:36
I was taking 20mg for over two years with almost no anxiety. Even in a terribly scary flight I was good. I'm having a really hard time with health anxiety and for a while they wanted to see if I could work myself out of it but two months later, it's just gotten worse. She was going to up me to 30mg but I wasn't comfortable with that from things I've heard about side effects. This is my psychiatrist by the way, not my GP.