View Full Version : pregnant and stress

28-08-13, 00:29
Im 18 weeks pregnant , i have a 3 year old child single parent , my new partner who baby im having with is womderful but there is complications , he is married , and sepreated , he wont get divorce with her until her sorts the house first , and im scared he gona take my baby and run to be happy family with a wife who cannot have a baby .

it makes me cry and stresses me out , i have explained how i feel , he says im being stupid , and that he loves me he doesnt love her anymore not after she cheated on him twice and broke his heart , yet they both are very friendly and always see each other often ,

am i in a dead end realtionship , do i need to go through this heartbreak?

28-08-13, 00:44
He doesn't have any right to take your baby if you are not married & you dont put his name on the birth certificate, unless he went to court, I doubt he'd do that, but you should think twice if you dont think you can trust him dont put his name on, or wait till you feel like you can trust him then add it.