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05-10-03, 20:42
can anyone out there help please.

06-10-03, 20:51

i am new here and don't know how to post. I have been told i have pnd but i have had panic attacks for years. it is getting worse and i have an intense fear of dying i am hardly eating as i am afraid i am going to become allergic to everything. i hyperventilate and the sweat seems to pour of me. smells scare me and i constantly feel like my throar is closing up. i cannot take anti depressants as i am afraid of them too. maybe we could try and help each other

07-10-03, 08:57
Hiya Taz and Lucky, I suffered from PND after the birth of my second child nearly 12 years ago. When she was born, I felt that I didnt want her and that it was too much trouble looking after her. Although I DID feed her etc, I felt no bond with her and my husband did a lot of the caring for her.After some 2 months, my friend suggested that I might have a prob and told me to see my GP. I was scared to do this as I thought that they would take the kids off me. Another month past and I realised that my feelings were not right and I did go and see my GP. He told me that I had PND and put me on anti depressants although he said that the ffelings would pass without medication, it would happen quicker with the meds. After about 6 weeks I started to feel much better and by the time my daughter was 6 months old, I had bonded well with her and couldnt believe how I could have had the previous feelings towards her. The guilt is the main problem, I found, ands I still feel guilty now, some 11 years later. But you must remember that it is an illness over which you have no control and that with the rihgt help, you will get over it. I do though still get depression and panic/anxiety but talking with other people who suffer in the chat room has really helped me to realise that I am not on my own.
Lucky, try going back to your GP and telling him/her exactly what you have said on here. They will offer you a lot of advise as PND is fairly common. Pleae post again and let us know how you are getting on.
Take care Katex

07-10-03, 20:53
Hi all

I have moved this topic from the "Chat room" thread to here. Hope you don't mind.


15-10-03, 13:50

how are u doing?? My PND was different from above. I bonded straight away with my son. My main problem was anxiety (health related) and fear I would go insane and lose it and hurt one of my kids. I even baracaded myself in my bedroom with loads of things lying on the floor incase i sleptwalked. Anyway I having alot of feelings like u ie swollen lips (feelings etc.)
I in a way hope I have got PND and not GAD as I know thuis will not last forever. Anyhow I hope u and your family are well