View Full Version : Just a poem I wrote recently...

05-09-13, 00:00
Behind the smile is isolation and despair,
Someone who's listening but isn't there,
Feelings are felt but emotion is void,
Family and friends left feeling annoyed,
A world of darkness, time seems to stand still,
Empty days and nights for anxiety to fill,
In the grip of a monster on the edge of the dark,
Bruised ego, no courage, panic has left it's mark,
Tears in the shower so nobody can see,
just what this suffering doing to me,
scarred, bewildered, am i going mad,
is it ok to feel so alone and so sad,
frightened to speak out, to share to involve,
Round and round the thoughts just revolve,
Can't cope, scared to die, scared to feel low, scared to feel high,
Questions and questions no answer I've found,
Please someone help me run away from depressions playground...

Granny Primark
05-09-13, 03:17
Thats lovely!!!
Thanks for sharing.:D
Im going write that down and share it with my friends and family:hugs: