View Full Version : Mirtazapine and... something

Orange Lightning
05-09-13, 16:08
Well, this is about to be almost terminally awkward, but I have a question for fellow men who take mirtazapine. I tried... masturbating the second night I was taking 15mg of the antidepressant, and I felt weird. My heart rate fluctuated and I kept noticing strong, skipped beats/ectopic beats. It only got worse when I continued, and I got scared I'd be damaging my heart so I stopped. When I tried again the next evening it happened again.

Is it not safe to masturbate while taking antidepressants? If not, any idea why not? Thank you :)

05-09-13, 16:28
I've never had any trouble in that department and I am female! I am on 45mg mirtazapine and 1,000mg lithium and no sexual side effects. i noticed your post on the mirt forum and it might be worth talking to your GP about your heart. i have never had any problems with either.If it is sexual side effects then mirtazapine seems to give the least problems. EJ