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06-09-13, 07:07
After 2 months of fast heartbeats in the night and palpitations constantly I had a 24 hour ECG which came back normal! I was so anxious that it wouldn't! I wanted to post this to hopefully give reassurance to anyone else who is feeling the same. To think that anxiety can cause you to feel so bad. Weirdly enough I woke this morning feeling my heart was racing but when I felt it, it wasn't!! Just shows the power of the mind!

06-09-13, 08:23
Great news. Pleased for you.
Sal x

06-09-13, 19:28
Thank you I'm so relieved. I'm hoping now I can be reassured and get better but I'm sure something else will replace it!x

06-09-13, 19:39
thanks for this post ive got to have one done its reassured me what do they do if you don't mind me asking :)

24-01-14, 21:07
I often think I am having palpitations but am not when I take my pulse. The surge of adrenaline that anxiety causes often fools us that we are having physical symptoms, when really we are having mental ones.