View Full Version : I've Finished Crocheting My Kitty Blanket!

06-09-13, 21:29
Well I've finished crocheting this kitty blanket :)

I've got 2 cats, so I need to do another, which will be a bit different.

Hopefully both of my girls will be comfortable and warm for the winter...........they live better than me and OH!!! :winks:


06-09-13, 21:31
Very good moosie, our cat doesn't have a blanket.... Are you making more?
I read crochet as crotchet! Doh :lac: :doh:

06-09-13, 21:58
Oh that is lovely Auntie Moosie. It would be no good for my youngest Kitty though as he likes to eat wool and I have to hide anything woollen from him. He even chews my cardigans!

06-09-13, 22:45
My grandma makes blankets like this for my cat, who LOVES them. Except my grandma has cataracts and her choice of colours is . . . interesting.

Yours is lovely and I'm sure your cats will love them.

06-09-13, 22:46
Wow that's lovely. My friend taught me to knit recently but I haven't got beyond a square or rectangle!

06-09-13, 23:20
Many thanks Ladies :D

The reason I'm making them blankets is because the 2 of them keep laying on my cardigans and jumpers, they seem to love the wool, so I can now reclaim my clothes :winks:

Tessar I'll try to squeeze in some more, up to my neck at the moment with knitting dolls clothes and blankets for my Grand Daughters Birthday and Christmas :wacko:

Annie they can be right strange things can't they?? My oldest cat "Miss Molly" has an obsession with bleach!!!..........If I bleach my floors, she goes in and rolls all over it, purring like mad. One day we were sitting outside and my neighbour joined us..........Miss Molly went up to him and starting going nuts with his hand :ohmy:...........I said "you haven't been doing anything with bleach have you??" he replied "yes I have"......so I told him that she'll love him for all the while he smells of bleach!!!! :winks:

Edie lol at the choice of colours.........I can well imagine :winks:

Lizzie just keep practicing hun :) I'm trying to learn some new crochet stitches and patterns at the moment :)

07-09-13, 08:08
ugghhhh bleach! Mind you, I like the smell of a traditional hardware store..... nothing in particular about it, just the mixture of smells I suppose. it takes me back to my childhood. WE had a cat once that liked deep heat and nivea cream! nutter.

07-09-13, 12:08
I like the colours AM. I use to do countless blankets when we had our dogs, one of them is still in the back of the car! no matter how many times it has been washed the hairs still in there.
Years ago I chrocheted a double size bed cover with fringes. Took me about 2 years to do it. Foolishly I sold it at a car book for 8. Now in the craft shops they cost a fortune. Anything that is hand made costs a lot.x:hugs:

07-09-13, 14:54
Tessar I love the smell of hardware shops too, we have one just along the road from us and love going in there mooching around and having a good sniff..........in the nicest possible way :winks:

I must admit to the fact that I too, love the smell of bleach..........well they say pets are like their owners don't they!! lol

Magic thank you hun :) Aww what a shame that you sold that gorgeous blanket for so little too, never mind, perhaps you could pick up your hook and have another go hun, a project to do in the winter :)


07-09-13, 19:45
I always thought my cat was the only one that reacted to bleach that way! Mine reacts more strongly to bleach than catnip. I'll have to tell my Mitzi, she'll be relieved to hear she's not the only one.

08-09-13, 02:10
I always thought my cat was the only one that reacted to bleach that way! Mine reacts more strongly to bleach than catnip. I'll have to tell my Mitzi, she'll be relieved to hear she's not the only one.

Oh another one that does it!!!!

Edie, Miss Molly sounds very much like Mitzi, she's not at all interested in catnip, never has been, but she goes completely nuts for bleach!!!! :wacko: :)

09-09-13, 20:43
Our cat goes totally mental if she gets a sniff of catnip..... She'd rip your hand off to get her paws on it...... One of our other cats liked marmite. he'd sit there licking for hours afterward!! Oh and he ate cake too.
Anyway back on the subject matter..... I haven't knitted more than about 2 stitches and I am left handed so learning to crochet was a bit if a dead loss. My mother did try but I just don't have an aptitude for it!!!! Anyway, were I to try.... No double our cat would sabotage the wool. Oh and yes, I couldn't use wool, I am allergic to it!!!!!

09-09-13, 20:52
My cats love catnip and wool :D

09-09-13, 23:10
My cats don't really seem to be that interested in my wool when I'm working with it, thankfully :)

Tomorrow's the day that I start the second blanket, but this one's going to be a bit different, the same colours, but I'm doing it a different way :)