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08-09-13, 18:58
I have already had this procedure ( endoscopy ) but to save me googling, could anyone tell me what conditions this shows up. I am scared I have someone serious wrong with my throat area and wonder if the endoscopy would have shown this up. Thanks.

08-09-13, 19:33
I think only if it was your oesophagus, I don't think it would show up any trachea problems. what makes you think you have something wrong with your throat?

08-09-13, 19:47
Thanks Annie, when I wake up in the morning, my voice is quite hoarse for a few hours and then seems to get a bit better. I do have acid reflux so not sure if it related.

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I also have a lot of mucous in my throat and am constantly trying to clear it.

08-09-13, 19:58
If it is only on a morning I wouldn't worry about it. I suffer with sinus problems and I sometimes have a dry throat on a morning. Maybe try putting a bowl of water in your room so that the air isn't so dry and see if that helps? Try cutting down on dairy products too as dairy foods increase mucous xx

08-09-13, 20:04
Thanks Annie, I do suffer with my sinuses as well so hopefully it is connected to this. I will try the bowl of water tonight. xx

08-09-13, 20:07
If you suffer with sinus problems then I am sure it will be related. I often wake up thinking I am getting a cold and my throat is so sore but it goes off as the morning goes on.

08-09-13, 20:16
Funnily enough Annie I do not have pain, just a slight feeling of irritation. I remember a similar feeling a few years ago when I was diagnosed with Acid reflux, but I have been having steroid nasal spray for months and get pain in sinuses and a bit of head pressure. Thanks for replying Annie and hope all goes ok for you tomorrow. :hugs:

08-09-13, 20:21
Thank you Alma x

08-09-13, 23:43
I wake with mucous in my throat everyday and sometimes my throat burns I was told this is down to acid reflux. By lunchtime it's stopped and the nasal drip and feeling I need to clear my throat goes so I think it's the laying down to sleep that causes it. I do have my bed elevated a little as my doctor recommended but I think I might raise it a but more to see if this helps.

09-09-13, 06:22
Thanks Bernie, I do sleep with my bed raised and try not to eat after 6 pm as my doctor suggested ( I am hopeless at the eating thing though and usually eat bits till I go to bed) The mucous thing is getting on my nerves but was told few years ago could have post nasal drip so hopefully it's that.