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12-09-13, 22:26
I have had bad anxiety for about 7 months now and I am tired of it. I have tried 2 Antidepressants for 3 months each that made me feel worse and do not want to try another Antidepressant. I know that Klonopin/Clonazepam helps calm me down but I am so afraid to take it due to the possibility of addiction and dependence. Some doctors have really scared me about Klonopin, whereas other doctors have prescribed it to me and said that taking it for a while might help me to break the "Anxiety Cycle". However I am terrified of taking these pills and not beign able to quit or getting worse in the long run. I know that no one can promise me or guarantee me that this won't happen but I am looking for some people who have experience taking this medication long term and how it has either affected them or helped them. Currently my doctor prescribed 0.5 mgs twice a day every day but last time I took a pill it was 19 days ago (not because I haven't had anxiety but because I am scared of addiction). Today I feel like I need a break so I just broke the pill in half and took 0.25 mgs. Any comments, ideas or experiences would be appreciated.
By the way, my sister has been on this medication for 10 years because she also suffers from really bad Anxiety and Panic attacks but I don't really want that to happen to me and she is not always super open about this issue... I think she doesn't like to talk about the topic and I understand that.

21-04-15, 03:51
My bf takes 2mgs a day long term. I think you will be fine darl if you are only taking it every 19 days, when you really need it. The docs are the same here in the UK, some will prescribe others are so against benzos.
My bf just says after a while long term he needs more to really control an anxiety attack as he has built up a tolerance but if you use them as and when needed, that is better. And he would have to taper off to stop now xxxx