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04-07-04, 14:35
What is everybody's thoughts on camomile tea? I do believe it does make me feel a little calmer. I drink it a lot at work! But I was wondering whether or not it was just in the mind the fact that you are drinking something herbal and supposedly good for you. I'm just drinking one now before having a relaxing bath:)

04-07-04, 18:48
I used to drink buckets of it when I was acute but I never was convinced it was calming ,but it was certainly less stimulating than the 4 cokes I used to drink a day !!


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04-07-04, 19:08
To be honest I can't stand the taste of it - sorry.

If it works for you though then it is worth it.


04-07-04, 21:40
My new employer has a selection of Chinese teas at the clinic apparently. Perhaps I should ask him if he has anything for relaxation among them!

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13-07-04, 21:31
Hi there

I started drinking camomile tea a couple of months ago when my panic attacks set in and I decided to give up caffeine. Have to say I think it does help a little, I always ask for a cup at my hairdressers as it seems to help me cope with having to sit there for so long.

Love Jo xx

14-07-04, 00:07
hi emma,

i've tried to drink it for the calming properties, but it tastes horrible. give me tetleys anyday

xxx grace

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14-07-04, 11:53
I drink the one with lime in it. That one tastes better than camomile alone. I hated it at first but I like it now. It does make me feel calmer.

15-07-04, 21:29
I think its the look of camomile tea thats so off putting, it looks like, well ... you know ..... :D

At first I hate it but I've kinda got used to it know and I actually quite like the taste.

Jo xx

03-09-04, 15:20
hello emma

yes camomile tea is an old remedy used in my family for stress and also stomach ailmenst. i agree the tea bags taste horrible. we perfer to use the whole dried flower. i think you can buy that in uk in good health shops.

also orange blosson tea is vry relaxing and good for insomnia. again we use the whole dreid petals as opposed to the tea bag, again try a good health shop. it tastes nicer too and good with some honey to sweeten

i beleive these remedies help a lot. i personally am very anti artificail chemicals tho, so am a bit biased:) (based on bad expierice i suppose)

enjoy your tea, x oshun