View Full Version : sertraline v buspirone

15-09-13, 23:26
Hi I suffer from low self esteem with perfectionism. Basically I have constant anxiety about what people think about me. I have a chronic fear of being "found out" which leads to recurrent depression.

I have had a mini relapse following pressure at work. I have gone back on to sertraline, which I found to be the most effective SSRI. I recently heard from a fellow anxiety sufferer that they take buspirone.

Buspirone is specifically for anxiety, which is my number one symptom.

My question is what are peoples experiences with either drug. Does anyone have experience of both drugs and what would they recommend (I am aware that what works for you may not work for me).

After getting replies I will discuss fully with my GP

16-09-13, 16:06
I thought buspirone wasn't a benzo? Its not addictive - but a lot of people don't think it even does anything. Would be worth giving it a go though. Apparently it has also had some success in reversing sexual dysfunction caused by SSRIs.

Apparently the NHS sees it as a short-term anxiolytic medication, but doesn't specify how long it should be prescribed to someone for.