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23-09-13, 16:21
I had posted here about a website I have featuringPATTERNS for needlepoint or cross stitch . I had by hand transferred pattern onto graph paper with a very fine point pen , but when I make copies the graph lines fade greatly which will make it hard for someone trying to read pattern. & follow it. I need a program I can put on my computer with graph to insert symbols & print out . The symbols are for each color in pattern . I found a program , but it's $120 & I just can't afford it. I need to find similar program that's free or much less money . If anyone knows of such a program, please let me know. I've put a LOT of work into these patterns. Thank You

23-09-13, 20:11
Sorry but I know of no program that will do that type of stuff for free, I think they're all paid for programs.

Perhaps you'd be better asking on a computer forum, like the Windows 7 forum, they will be better placed for being able to help you :)

23-09-13, 21:02
when I look for free prog's I look on download.com (cnet now) - remember to highlight free or trial and your computer operating system