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24-09-13, 17:04
I only came off my pill a few weeks ago and my period finished last Tuesday. In this time me and my partner have only had sex twice. However im so so tired, I feel sick and Im also light headed. Today I literally feel exhausted and so shakey almost like i need sugar?!

But surely its just too soon? I dont want to get too excited?! xx

25-09-13, 01:31

Well yes you could be pregnant, but I doubt it,

You wont know when you ovulate or if you even do, if you have recently come off the pill, some women ovulate straight away, some take months to get back I regularl cycle

If you finished your period last Tuesday im guessing that would be around cycle day 6 depending on how many days you bleed?

The first day you bleed is cycle day 1.

Woman are most fertile around cycle day 14 which could be tomorrow for you,

If you have a 28 day cycle,

Sperm can survive inside you for up to 7 days, so if you have sex a few days before you ovulate you can fall pregnant,

I doubt you'd have symptoms this early on, chances are you are just in your fertile days now, so id advise you to try a couple of times this week too,

Doctors advise sex 3 times a week all cycle so you have the best chance.

25-09-13, 04:17

I would think not, as generally speaking it can take between a couple of weeks to a few months for the body to adjust and start ovulating again after that being halted whilst on the pill.

It would also be a bit soon to say whether you could be pregnant or not, though some women just 'have a feeling' or 'know' in themselves, with or without symptoms at very early stages, but normally indications of pregnancy don't show up until a couple of weeks (if that) after conception, as it takes a while for the pregnancy hormone level to rise, which kick starts the symptoms like nausea, very sore breasts, etc. Some women don't even get any symptoms and won't have a clue until they realise their period is 'missing in action' and take a test.

It is not impossible that you could be pregnant as it just depends how soon you started to ovulate, and if you came off the pill a few weeks ago you may well have.

All the best.:winks:

25-09-13, 13:28
Thanks ladies!!! :D xxx