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24-09-13, 18:44
Hi All,

I got migraines at least for the last 35 years. I have gone to a Neurologist every decade to see if anything out there is new. I have always failed the EEG test which is your brain wave activity. The one I just had not only said I had abnormal brain activity but that I also had 3 seizure activity going on at the same time. My physician even said when I told her I had failed every EEG I had done that she didn't believe me and I must have been confused because it is rare to have an abnormal EEG. She apologized immediately when she received my test results. I am now and have been on a med that makes you plain stupid and even the doctors called it Dopomax and I couldn't work if I tried. I failed a memory test in the doctor's office and I could see the pity in their eyes. It was humiliating. I have never had a grand mal seizure so I know how lucky I am as long as I take this medication.

Has anyone else had an abnormal EEG and how has it affected their life?