View Full Version : Anxiety - 4 week old baby - worried - pregabalin - HELP

28-09-13, 11:30

Im new to this site so not sure how it works or what im supposed to do.

I am a first time mum to a gorgeous 4 week old little girl. I had quite a traumatic labour and since then have suffered with anxiety. I have had similar symptoms before but never this bad.

My gp prescribed me citalopram which I had a bad reaction to so was advised to stop. I was then prescribed pregabalin which I started last night 75mg. I felt quite "tipsy" but soon feel asleep. Today not feeling much different to normal. Light headedness/off balance/nausea/over thinking/hot flushes/lump in throat/no appetite etc...

I was wondering if any one else is on pregabalin... ive read really good reviews about it. How long did it take for you to take effect?? Do you like it?? Did it help?? Will I ever feel normal again :( ??

Thanks Amanda

30-09-13, 10:43
Hi Amanda

I never had had pregablin but I know people who have. I also had a bad reaction to citalopram and had to stop it ! I also had pond which for me was mainly anxiety. I still have anxiety now but am slowly learning to manage it.
I gave a 5 year old boy and 18 month girl. I had pond after both