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29-09-13, 09:42
Morning everyone

I'm currently prescribed Amitryptiline 50mg at night for my anxiety, which is always at it's worst in the early morning. However, I have been told and also read somewhere that this is a sub-therapeutic dose for anxiety and/or depression. Can anyone confirm or refute this?

I'm going to see my GP as well this week to get her opinion, but I'd like to have some ideas before I go. I've had intolerable side-effects with the SSRI/SNRI medicines that I've taken and the one TCA that did work very well for me (Dothiepin 75mg at night) was withdrawn :mad:. Any thoughts/ideas for going to my GP would be great as I dread going there too.

Thank you

29-09-13, 16:06
I used to take this same medication. I started at 25mg and it had no effect so moved to 50mg. I did sleep a little better but I wondnt say it was a brilliant medication it just felt spaced out most of the day. When I finally came off it I couldn't believe how alive I felt.

29-09-13, 18:15
I haven't really had much effect at all at 50mg, certainly not similar to Dothiepin, which kept my anxiety at much more manageable levels. Amitryptiline doesn't seem that effective at relieving anxiety but the thought of trying other meds scares me somewhat since I had bad experiences with Cipramil, Prozac and Fluanxol (absolutely the worst med I have ever taken). My GP wants me to try Duloxetine again as it's supposed to be more effective for anxiety. But I'm not so keen, so trying counselling and CBT at the moment (difficulty being I actually don't know what my anxious thoughts are, so how can I produce a more realistic viewpoint?:wacko:).

07-10-13, 23:50
You've a point there, WembleyBear.

CBT works well if you can identify "faulty thinking" patterns. It worked fine for me in some ways, but soon my anxiety shifted to past events (feelings of guilt, embarassing mements etc) so my obsessive thoughts just shifted focus.

I think CBT is great if your anxiety type lends itself to that kind of therapy.

I wish you luck, I hope it benefits you.