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06-10-13, 21:21
I have just been prescribed amitriptyline for my back and hand pain. Have spondylolthesis (grade 1 in L4/L5) and ostioarthritis in both thumb joints...and am in a lot of pain.
I was on citalopram for about three years but weaned off it a month ago. I have got very weepy and can't sleep well... My GP has prescribed me 10mg to start off then if ok increase to 20 then 30mg... She said it might make me a bit dopey in mornings/hard to get moving. Has anyone found this??

I haven't had the prescription made out yet as not sure if to take them...I have my driving test at the end of the week and don't want to be sleepy I need to be alert. Any advice?? :unsure:

07-10-13, 13:21
Oh I will just go for it....I am in so much pain now and yet again not a good nights sleep.
I will ask advice of the pharmacist...that is what they are there for I guess. Just is good to get actual users advice. Guess as has been said earlier not so many take it. :shrug:

07-10-13, 18:32
You're right, not many users here, it's a drug that's pretty much last choice nowadays (after SSRIs and SNRIs, mirtazapine, trazodone and pregabalin :))

That was my route to this drug anyway.

I don't drive, so I can't advise on that score, but I must say I've had to be very careful just walking in a busy city as the amitriptyline makes me much more drowsy and sluggish than others I've tried (although mirtazapine comes close).

Only you know how much you need the relief from anxiety, but if it were me, I certasinly wouldn't take a driving test after having these.

08-10-13, 11:09
Took 10mg last night...slept well, Is early days but hopefully if I can get sleep it will make me feel better able to cope with my pain in the day.

08-10-13, 12:38
Hi there
I've been on 10 mg amitriptyline for ages to help with sleep.
Never really helped, however last week I got a sudden bad pain
In my back, I was bent over, couldn't walk etc. I rang my GP
Who advised me to up my dose from between 20-50mg
OMG it worked wonderfully for me.
Yes I did feel a bit woozy but not for long.
I'm now taking 30mg at night before bed.
Hope this helps xx

Daisy Sue
08-10-13, 14:18
I was on amitriptyline a while ago for headaches - apparently they stop the pain cycle if taken at night. I know I was only on a low dose, but I was fine, no side effects including drowsiness, the next day.

Good luck - I hope they help you :)

08-10-13, 22:50
Thank you both, your posts are very helpful to me. :)

19-10-13, 18:30
Update on how I'm doing....still taking just 10mg as tried 20mg and was so dopey (more than usual...!!!) the next day.
I am getting a very (VERY) dry mouth for most of the following morning and still feel all drowsy and not with it. Also have headache most days. Will this stop soon?? as am considering stopping them. They do help me sleep though.

19-10-13, 21:06
I'm on 70mg in divided doses and I'm afraid to say there are times when my toungue almost sticks to the roof of my mouth.

This is the worst drug for causing dry mouth that I've ever tried, but I just find it mildly irritating, it's not a deal-breaker for me.

That said, I've not been on 70mg for long, I've built up from 10 and maybe the side-effects kick in with every increase.

The morning drowsiness does go though, in fact I have to take mirtazapine to help me sleep.