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08-10-13, 11:02
Has anyone had any any sucess on this drug for anxiety...im on 5mg night time and have just been prescribed 5mgbin the day

08-10-13, 18:34
While I did find olanzipine helpful for anxiety, I had to change to something else as the olnazipine was making me put on weight, which I can't have because of being diabetic.

Give it a go Greg, that's only a pretty low dose that you're on anyway, but if it helps it's well worth it :)

Do let us know how you get on with it :)

08-10-13, 18:37
Moosie you changed your pic is that for Halloween great pic

08-10-13, 19:12
It is Clio, it is :) Thank you hun :hugs:

09-10-13, 08:51
Auntie..i found when i started my 5 mg at night i had the munches more often.but after a month or so it calmed down.so im hoping if i get the munches again on new increase it calms down again after a short while....i dont think the medication makes you put on weight i think its that fact it makes you more hungry.

09-10-13, 12:35
Yes you're right Greg, it is that it makes you more hungry :)

I was on a higher dose, and it was making me act robotic at night, I'd find myself just walking to my fridge in search of food and, one night, believe it or not, I was even trying to eat part of a magazine that was on my bedside table :ohmy: :wacko: I woke up with bits of paper in my mouth and wondered what the heck had happened!!!!!! :scared15:

The weight was starting to pile up on me, which I just can't have, as I'm diabetic too, so I was brought off of the olanzipine and put on to quetiapine, which is much better for me and I'm now dieting and loosing the weight :yesyes: :hugs:

12-10-13, 14:00
Yes auntie i feel it makes me more hungry all the time..im going to try and fight the urge

28-08-14, 12:05
Hi Greg,

I take 5mg at night time. My Psych told me not to take it in the day because it has a sedative effect. Does it make you drowsy after taking or during the day? Hope it's helping anyway :)

31-08-14, 08:49
hi lampard.seems to help with my sleeping.iv just started taking in daytime to se if it helps with my anxiety