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08-10-13, 16:48
I am female, 59 have Fibro and live alone.I claimed long term SB went through the Atos thing and came out with no pionts and now waiting appeal hearing.Ifeel so demorolised and worthless going to docs every month for sicknote.I have no dignity left and now even thoughts of ending it all keep popping up in my head...I am so ashamed that Iam no longer a useful member of this world.It seems I can no longer hide and quietly get on with it but have to admit how useless I am...I am named and shamed as they say and just don't know how to cope...

08-10-13, 17:59
You are not useless - you have an illness and that is all.

Unfortunately there is a perception (promoted by the media) that the majority of people claiming benefits are workshy fraudsters. The poor and dispossessed of this country have always been marginalised and made to feel that they are a worthless burden. It's a long established trait that is designed to demoralise the working classes thus keeping them in their place.

Well, we need to remember that it's the likes of me, you, our fore-fathers and our fore-mothers that have made this country what it is! We are the workers, we are the carers, we are the soldiers, we are the entertainers, we are the campaigners - we are the backbone of everything that is good in this world. You've played your part and now you need some help - don't you dare be embarrassed or ashamed that you do! The people who should be embarrasses and ashamed work for ATOS and the Government.

(I'm tempted to sign off by saying "Power To The People").

08-10-13, 18:09
Thankyou...if I had a printer I would print you reply...stick it on my bedroom wall and read it every morning....

09-10-13, 12:34
Totally agree with gypcyg it's the media fault that's made people think we all on benefits are work shy, I have worked for 37 years before I had this bout of depression.
So I feel I have paid my taxes and now that I need help they should help me out!

So don't be ashamed!

09-10-13, 12:47
Hun, you are NOT useless, there's not one living human that is :)

Each and everyone of us has something to give and offer in this life :)

This is the media, the government and people getting the wrong end of the stick that has caused this problem!

You may have already paid into the system, and, even if you haven't, when you're better, you will then be paying into the system :)

Do NOT feel guilty or bad about it hun, you have an illness which, for the moment, is stopping you from being able to work, that is NOT your fault :)

So, come on now, hold your head up high, concentrate on your recovery and not on what anyone else might think, you ARE a worthwhile person with lots to offer :hugs:

22-12-13, 06:25
Oncehappy, please listen to me, sweetie. You are NOT worthless. You have an ILLNESS. It's not your fault.

ATOS think as long as you can move your hands and feet that you are 'fit' for working. I'm pretty sure they get paid when they chuck you off. So of course they're going to try their best to make sure you fail the assessment.

The Tories have brainwashed the working class into thinking that everyone on benefits are 'scroungers' which is completely UNTRUE. Sure, there are some people on benefits that are completely fine and just choose not to work but MOST are actually ILL. SICK. DISABLED. AND CAN'T WORK. FULL STOP.

People that work think, 'why should they get money when we're hard working and they're doing nothing?'. That's a typical ignorant comment from a working person. I'm not saying everyone that works says that. I know a few people that work that understand that most people on benefits are unwell and unable to work.