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11-10-13, 13:36
A new card that I've made for my friend who is 60 today, had great fun making this :D




11-10-13, 13:40
Lovely :) I'll have to post some of my cards x

11-10-13, 13:48
That's lovely Auntie Moosie :D

11-10-13, 15:21
That is fab I do card making too
Hugs vit

11-10-13, 18:34
What a beautiful card Auntie, you are very skilled xx

11-10-13, 18:38
You are very talented Auntie, that card is lovely . xx

11-10-13, 18:41
wonderful card AuntieMoosie. I wish I could do cards and pictures.:yesyes:

11-10-13, 23:53
Thank you all :)

Yeah come on all you crafters!! I know you're out there :winks:

Please do show us what you've made or are making, I love to see other crafters makes, so come on now, show us your makes please :yesyes: :hugs:

12-10-13, 00:03
That's beautiful :)

12-10-13, 09:43

These are some of my cards :)

12-10-13, 10:32
They're beautiful!!

12-10-13, 10:33
Oops sorry about the massive picture!

12-10-13, 10:38

Lovely cards !

I've just started going to a card making class, we make between 4/5 cards a session depending on size for 10. Really enjoy it, but can't afford to go every week.

Did you start off doing that or just done it off your own back?

You could get carried away with all the things you can buy can't you!
I havnt bought anything yet only been twice but first is the colouring pens.

12-10-13, 15:53
Sophie you're cards are beautiful hun, very pretty and nicely designed :yesyes:

I would recommend anyone to have a go at it, it's great fun and you can make the cards much more personal to the person that you are giving it too :D

Clio no, I didn't do any classes hun. I just started messing about with it about 4 years ago making Christmas cards and I fell in love with it :)

Oh yes, lol, you can get completely over the top with buying stuff, what with my knitting, crotchet and card making, my partner nearly has a fit if I even mention supplies!!!! :winks: One can easily get a bit OCD about it really, I have stashes of everything, it's a security thing!!! :winks: :hugs:

12-10-13, 16:55
Moosie, you must have the Flair ! Suppose the more you do it the more ideas you get. Where do you buy your bits from mostly? I bet you've spent a fortune.
Even your avatars are great(the witch) and the ones you put on posts sometimes do you get them off the net.

I started going to classes to get me out of the house, and talking to other people.
It's still very hard to do, and when I come home I'm shattered because of all the adrenaline going through my body and concentration. Hoping in time I can relax more, and enjoy it the more times I go. Only time will tell ! Think that's why I've not gone and purchased anything's yet see how it goes.

12-10-13, 19:21
Thank you Clio :)

Graphics have been my thing for many years now. I don't do hardly anywhere near so much of them now that I used too, but I do still enjoy it.

Some of the graphics that I post I've made myself, some have been made for me by my friends in the graphic field and some I get from the web :)

I'm much more into physical crafts now though as opposed to computer one's.

I get the bulk of my crafting bits from Ebay/Amazon or wherever something grabs me really :)

It doesn't have to be really expensive though, you can make lovely cards for very little money and your tools and bits, you just collect them as you go :)

Just start of with the basics, lots of videos on youtube on card making too, so have a look and get some ideas.

I started off by buying the cheapest everything, because I didn't know whether I'd make a boo boo with it, so I didn't want to be wasting lots of money.

You could try and just buy a card kit to make like 5 cards, you get everything you need in the pack, apart from sticky pads, which are cheap anyway, then just have a go and doing those so that you get the feel of it hun :)

Look out for bargains, Ebay, Amazon and Hobby Craft sometimes have some really good offers and sale items, so it's always worth shopping around :)

I think it's excellent that you're going to classes, your teacher will be able to point you in the right direction too and, before long, you'll pick up your own way of doing things and your own designs, it's a great way to meet and make new friends too hun. The more you go, the more confidence you'll get and then the anxiety will gradually go down hun, just keep at it :)

Do keep coming on and letting us know what you're learning and how it's going for you please hun :hugs:

12-10-13, 19:26
A lot of the card companies do sets of things which all go together, so stamps, papers, and then embellishments which you know will match, and it's just up to you how you lay it out and put it all together. Some of the freebies with magazines can be good as well and I've made some really nice cards with them. If you are into stamping I would definitely recommend decent pens - promarkers are my favorite, but spectrum noirs are a bit cheaper and just as nice, the only problem with them is you can't get the really thin tip attachments for them.

We have so much crafting stuff it's ridiculous lol, I dread to think how much we've spent on it, but we do sell stuff at a craft fair every month so it's not too terrible.

We should have a NMP crafting club. My mum had a very bad patch of anxiety 2 years ago and she always says that she would never have got through it without crafting.

12-10-13, 19:57
Thank you moosie and sophie

I thought you knew what you were doing ! ie graphics there really good.:wink: what a talented lady! was that your job

It passes the time away before you know it!

Once I get to know what I'm doing I will start buying a few things. I'll post you one when I know how to transfer photo via mobile(have to ask my son lol)

I need a few hobbies to get me through the winter, god I hate that cold weather! it was bad enough today with all that wind couldn't wait to get back from shopping its my age lol.

yes the pens the ladies use at the class are promarkers, at least you will get some of your money back from doing the fairs! and I think people like a hand made card and there very similar in price now.