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13-10-13, 17:31
I'm having a colonoscopy on Tuesday at 10am.

I've been told to do the following:

2pm - Picolax
6pm - Picolax
9pm - Picolax
9pm - 3x Dulcolax tablets
6am Tuesday morning - Dulcolax suppository

I am SO scared. Just been reading about Picolax online and I am terrified to drink the stuff. :( I'm scared it makes me sick - and I'm home alone tomorrow - what if I need help? :weep: Honestly am going to cry...

13-10-13, 19:28
I had a colonoscopy two weeks ago at 10:30 in the morning, I had to take picolax at 07:30am, 11:30am and again at 5:30pm. It doesn't taste too bad which surprised me and it did not affect my stomach at all, it also worked after 1/2 hour. Just make sure that you are near to the toilet as when you get the urge you have to go!!! I was also home alone but was perfectly fine, I got my laptop, my kindle, magazines, ipod, mobile phone and set up camp in my bedroom (next to the bathroom) and just chilled out all day. Good Luck - don't worry about anything x

13-10-13, 20:11
Aww thank you so much! Really...

I have my Kindle ready and am going to charge my tablet now. Hehe Feel so silly for freaking out about it all, but anyways.

My bedroom is next to the bathroom too. Thanks again xx :-)

15-10-13, 16:11
hi there please don't worry just make sure your near the toilet I had it and its fine:)

16-10-13, 12:41
Thank you Susie :D

Yup - it wasn't that bad. Although - I did go to the loo 21 times! haha