View Full Version : Trouble comes in threes....

30-10-06, 20:45
Alrighty I have to move barns for my babies(horses) b/c the barn is now for sale, they didn't tell us this, and a barn worker is smoking in the barn, and other things which amount to my fearing for my horses lives.

So.... my best friend and I(she boards with my horses at the same barn and where I go she goes and vice versa) have to look for barns. Starting today... this isn't my best time.....the wall that keeps my panic at bay is getting kinda weak if you know what I mean.

Please just tell me I can go see other barns and talk to people and it will be okay.

by the way trouble comes in threes-we may have to move bc of my fathers job and now this, wonder what will happen next?

If nothing else...I will survive.

To: SSJHSMH-U are light and my heart and strength. I will protect you in this life or the next always.

31-10-06, 12:06
You will be ok :D

I don't believe trouble comes in anything. Things just happen. If you look for negative things you can always make up a set number.

Maybe look at it that good things come in 3's and see how many good things you can link together?

Good luck with the barn hunting.


31-10-06, 12:45

Im sure you will be fine, you are doing this for the best interest of your horses, like you say smoking in barns not a good idea at all !!

The best years of my life where when i had a horses, i loved everyday riding out.

Try not to worry im sure everything will work out for you!:D