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14-10-13, 15:02
Posted this in General Anxiety forum, and then couldn't work how to move it, so sorry for repetition but it wasn't being picked up there. Anyway, I've read so much about alternative meds that now I'm terrified to suggest anything. I only know I've had problems with SSRI/SRNI in past...

...so medication review at GP tomorrow for me. Real deterioration in last few weeks - 50mg at bedtime is not sorting either my morning anxiety or my nocturnal panic attacks. Yesterday I woke up at 3.00am in state of anxiety and could not get back to sleep, today was 4.00am and I'm trying not to think about tomorrow as I have to work - I'm a train wreck without my sleep! Fed up that the one med that worked for me - Dosulepin 75mg was withdrawn - I've tried at least 7 different SSRI/SSNI in the last 2 years and without fail they all made my anxiety and agitation worse. I stuck with Duloxetine for 8 weeks until I could stand the inability to sit still or sleep no more. Was switched to Amitryptiline and it was helping me sleep but is not controlling my anxiety - and now it seems to have lost the ability to help with sleep now too:weep:. At the moment I feel like a buzzing electric current running through my limbs even though I'm breathing normally and I'm religiously doing my progression muscle relaxation exercises:mad:.

Has anybody with similar symptoms had any success with other Tricyclics or reversible MAOI as I'm thinking about asking for a change and possibly something to help with any start-up side-effects? The last time i went Pregabalin was mentioned, but this time I have to see another doc as my usual one isn't around for the next 3 weeks.... grr:mad:! All advice for repeating my story to the GP and suggestions for a replacement med gratefully received:biggrin:.

I have now applied for some CBT through the local MIND as well but waiting to see how long before they can see me. Will have to pay, but at least it is a reduced rate - I'm still waiting to see the NHS one after many months....


14-10-13, 15:22
I take Amitriptyline, Mirtazapine and Pregabalin and my anxiety is still lurking and sleep not good again, I think that what ever we take, we will build a tolerance to after a while and after all it is only masking the symptoms.

If you become a member of No Panic (not No More Panic), they charge a 12 annual membership fee and you can access all of their facilities - One to One Mentoring and Group Recovery, I believe there is only a waiting time of about 6 weeks at the moment.

14-10-13, 17:04
I had the same problems with SSRIs and SNRIs.

I found 15mg of mirtazaine helps me sleep. It worked fine for me for 5 years till my anxiety increased and I needed an additional drug.

I've found so far the amitriptyline doesn't help me sleep, which is why I'm still on the mirt.

Maybe worth discussing mirtazapine or trazodone with your GP if you've not given them a try in the past. Both are of minimal cost to the surgery especially compared to pregabalin.

14-10-13, 18:35
Thanks, I will ask about Mirtazapine - have been looking at it on internet and it looks like it could be a good option for me, especially as it seems to have anti-emetic properties (I have terrible emetophobia as well!).

Just got to brave the Docs - I have seen this guy before and he's quite nice but I always think they're thinking 'oh, not him again', but maybe I'm just being paranoid :wacko:

Will check out no panic as well. I'll report back on how I get on with GP.

15-10-13, 17:13
Back from GP now. He is stopping the Ami gradually as it's not really working for me, and has changed me to Pregabalin 50mg x 2 to start then titrating up. He said it would be a good choice for me as I also suffer from moderate nerve pain in my neck and Pregabalin can also be prescribed for that.

Fingers crossed for that - also starting CBT next week at long last so hopefully that will help too.

19-10-13, 17:11
Good luck with the CBT and the pregabalin.

I hope both give you some relief.

05-12-13, 00:32
Yes, I never noticed any amitriptyline effect on anxiety. I do not take it for that.