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17-10-13, 23:38
Hey everyone i just wanted to start a thread to get to know other klonopin(clonazepam)
Users and share experiences. I hope everyone decides to post so we can learn from each other and gain some comfort that we are not alone. I have been on clonazepam since i was 16 and i am now 29. It has worked wonders for me at a very low dosage of 0.125 once daily. However my doctor tried to ween me off the low dose which caused my panic to return with a vengeance. This time it also came coupled with depression(which was never an issue before). I have since returned to clonazepam and my GP prescribed the dosage at 0.5mg which is much higher than i had ever taken but still pretty low. I am a little worried about the increase in dosage...but should i be? Or am i just being irrational like my anxiety? Anyway im hoping this new does will level me out so i can get back to the great feeling i had before i was pulled off of it. Anyone with a similar type experience? Any stories are welcomed and encouraged. Please note that i am fully aware that benzos are not suppose to be used long term or everyday due to their addictive nature. So with that said, please share. Any other long term users? I have heard both good and bad things. Ive read about people who never develop a tolerance and some that do quickly. At this point i just need to do what will get me back to a "normal" life. im also on 20mg citalopram:)

19-10-13, 22:11
Hi, if the anxiety and depression came on within days, it's probably just a side effect of dropping the dose. This is really, really common with anxiety and depression medication. It does not mean you have relapsed or developed a new condition and it does not mean you have become weak or are trapped on the medication.

You have to reduce medication very slowly, probably a lot slower than your doctors recommend. Some websites recommend reducing your dose by 10% every month to minimise the chance of withdrawal effects, provided the tablets can actually be cut and the instructions do not specifically warn you not to cut them. You can buy tablet cutters.

You need to know why your doctor increased your dose so high. He might think you've relapsed or he might just be trying to treat your heightened anxiety. It's very tough when you get side effects from medication, I'm still recovering from spending 10 days on sertraline, so you have my sympathy.

29-10-13, 04:13
Hi, My sister has been taking Clonazepam for 10 years. She used to take 1mg per day (0.5 in the morning and 0.5 at night) but now she only takes the 0.5 at night. She seems happy with it. That's all she takes, no anti depressants.

I have been contemplating taking it but I am terrified of addiction. Also, I sometimes find that it works great sometimes but other times it doesn't work. I have been taking it more often, which is 3 times a week, 0.5 mg. However this week I took it every other day and today I took it in the morning and it helped me but a couple of hours later I started feeling bad again and felt like crying. I just cried all day. Now at night time I decided to take another one, this is my first time taking 2 doses of 0.5 mg in on day (Dr originally prescribed it to be taken twice a day every day but I never did because of fear of addiction). Now I am terrified that I need a higher dose or that it might not work for me. The evening dose actually did calm me down... at least for now. However I am wondering if I am depressed on top of it and might need an anti-depressant which I am terrified of taking because I did not have good experiences with Celexa or Lexapro and I am terrified that they will either make my anxiety worse or turn me into one of those people who sleeps all day long and wants to do nothing (that's what happened to me when I was taking them). I don't know what to do.... Anyways, that is what I know about clonazepam, mostly because of my sister and the times that I have taken it (sparingly)