View Full Version : Sorry guys but STILL can't shake off MND!

20-10-13, 12:55
I'm going crazy still. My ms symptoms have turned into MND and even though statistics may show it's unlikely I think I'm the 0.1% person!!

My leg still feels heavy and the twitches are crazy and I can't always see them :-(

20-10-13, 14:16
Those symptoms are anxiety symptoms. I've noticed that you posted a thread regarding your fears of having MND and everyone has said that you don't have it and it's only anxiety. Also, it's clear that you are googling about MND, we both know that's not good for you so you must make an effort to stop doing it.

Have you asked for treatment regarding your health anxiety?

20-10-13, 15:29
I know too much about ms already from making the mistake of googling but I'm certainly not going to look up mnd or ALS ever it will just fuel the fire, have some CBT n speak to your doctor for reassurance but honestly don't find anymore out about these illnesses I guarantee it will only cause more symptoms in the vicious cycle xxx

20-10-13, 16:54
The odds are far less than 0.1% that would be 1 in a 1000 which is at least 100 times greater than the reality.

20-10-13, 18:17
I know guys you are all right. I googled away and now I'm sick with worry I'm an emotional mess. I was staring at my foot and can see it rippling away but can't feel it as it's so fine. That's just freaked me out completely. I also feel that foot is slightly smaller.

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How's that anxiety :-(

20-10-13, 18:23
Hi ya mate I can totally understand what your going through! I developed facial and muscle twitching 20 years ago and was convinced I had motor neurone disease even I stay in a neurology hospital did not convince me.... To cut a long story short. What your experiencing is anxiety related included the heavy legs!!!

20 years on I still have the twitching etc with no m n d!!!!!

Hope this helps

20-10-13, 18:38
Are they constant and little and see but not feel

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Do you think one limb is smaller?
I'm going insane I honestly think I'll have a nervous breakdown

20-10-13, 19:13
Your are having a nervous breakdown that's why your behaving like you are I had a nervous breakdown 2011 not nice I'm still recovering

20-10-13, 19:19
It's obvious you're in severe mental distress. Is there someone you can call to talk about what's going on?

Good Luck!

20-10-13, 19:21
I have spoken to my friend today and had a big cry. Spoke to hubby which I don't usually do as worried I'll worry him.
It's really not nice. Obsessive staring at my feet twitching x

20-10-13, 20:32
Hi PP, well this goes against my better judgement. As I learn more and more about HA and the psychology that sits behind it, reassuring people isn't the way to go, it only provides a sticking plaster, as you find given that this is a recurring worry.

However, I had a MND anxiety (still sort of do I suppose). Muscles only twitch with MND when the muscle itself is on the verge of death. This is the last thing to happen before the muscle in question becomes useless. So there are a couple of things that should reassure you.

Firstly the chances of MND are miniscule. Of course not impossible, but phenomenally unlikely. Secondly, were your foot muscles at the stage where twitching occurred, it is very very likely that you would also have a fair degree of clinically objective weakness. Logically I would assume that this would mean you would have trouble balancing, walking etc.

I do think (without wishing to sound patronising) that you are chasing the wrong thing. You need help with your mental state and then hopefully the physical symptoms will follow suit.

Good luck x