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21-10-13, 17:33
I have been making some greetings cards, soaps, bath fizzers and other items. Doing this is helping me in my recovery by keeping me busy.

I have set up a facebook page to try and sell some of these items and other gifts.
This is the link to my page

If NMP members would like to buy anything please private message me on NMP and I will donate 10% of anything sold via NMP to the site.

If you don't wish to buy anything but have facebook I would really appreciate if you could like and share my page :)

Thank You :)

21-10-13, 17:44
Wow, you have been busy Annie and they look great. I'll have a closer look soon and will PM you my order

21-10-13, 17:49
Thank you Sam :)

21-10-13, 17:55
oh wow ! :D
they are great I will also put in an order as soon as I get paid.
I have liked your page and will share it in a min

21-10-13, 18:00
Thank you very much Rach x

23-10-13, 11:24
Wow! Annie you crafts and cards are beautiful hun :yesyes:

I'm glad that it's keeping you busy, I don't know what I'd do without my crafts, it helps me so much too.

I shall have a proper look later, your facebook page is lovely hun :hugs:

23-10-13, 11:43
Oh my goodness, you are so talented, I love all your hearts and little things. Have liked and shared your page! x

23-10-13, 17:40
Thank you Auntie Moosie and Nicky :)

24-10-13, 12:25
Thank you for those who have liked and shared my page and for the order. I will be giving 10% of that to NMP.

25-10-13, 22:01
I have just added more Christmas cards to my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Anniesgiftsandcards

25-10-13, 22:47
You have some lovely stuff on there Annie - well done!

Thank You so much for offering a donation to NMP as well - I really appreciate it very much.

25-10-13, 22:57
I put my first 10% donation into the nmp bank account yesterday Nic...or it may have been wednesday

25-10-13, 23:07
Oh I will look thank you so much Annie

25-10-13, 23:10
It wasn't a lot but I hope to be able to donate more soon :)

25-10-13, 23:11
I got it thank you :yesyes::hugs:

26-10-13, 15:05
Got my stuff delivered today. Thank you Annie I'm very happy and looking forward to my bath tonight. Now which soap do I use first.....:)

26-10-13, 18:43
Got my stuff delivered today. Thank you Annie I'm very happy and looking forward to my bath tonight. Now which soap do I use first.....:)

I am pleased they have arrived safely. The rose petal one has lavender oil in too so that would be a good choice or the smiley to make you smile :)

29-10-13, 19:22
I have added a few crocheted items to my page that I have made .

29-10-13, 19:41
I ordered some soaps and a filigree heart from Annie yesterday morning, she posted it at lunchtime and I received them this morning - within 24 hours of ordering, what an unbeatable service :D
All the items are lovely, the soaps are individually wrapped in cellophane and then in tissue and a ribbon - they are as good as any you can buy in those highly priced specialist soap shops and Annie's are at a fraction of the cost. They look professional, smell wonderful and are excellently packaged and would make ideal gifts - I cannot recommend Annie's goods enough.

29-10-13, 19:44
Aww Tufty thank you so much...you have made me cry :) (happy tears). That is really kind of you to say that xx

02-11-13, 10:38
I was going to have a stall at an Autumn Fair today but had to cancel as I have workmen in the house at the moment which is increasing my anxiety. Hopefully will find another stall soon.

02-11-13, 14:57
Aww Annie, I'm sorry you've had to miss it hun, I know you were looking forward to that too.

Never mind though, there's always another time and with Christmas coming up, I'm sure they'll be lots of Christmas fares, fates and markets going on, I know that they'll be loads of people wanting to buy your crafts hun, so many people are going the "handmade" route now and your things are gorgeous, must pop and have a look at your page myself hun :)

I don't like having workmen in either, just keep thinking that it will soon be over and they will be gone hun, make a card or two to help keep you distracted, hint! hint! :winks: I'm looking for a Birthday card for my little Grandson who will be 1 in a few weeks time :winks: :hugs:

02-11-13, 15:57
Thank you Auntie Moosie. I have a few cards on my page suitable for a 1 year old boy. xx

02-11-13, 19:37
ooooh.........I'm going over to your page to have a little look now hun :hugs:

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Beautiful and gorgeous items Annie :yesyes:

I have placed an order and liked and shared your page hun :hugs:

02-11-13, 20:03
Thank you Auntie Moosie, I have sent you a pm x

03-11-13, 21:59
I have made some butterfly soaps with lemon and chamomile to add to my page https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.559944930726453.1073741830.559938987393714&type=3&uploaded=1

11-11-13, 16:27
I am going to make some Christmas soaps this week so look out for those :)

07-01-14, 20:28
New items on my page...this is a bumble bee hat for a baby https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=594103243977288&set=a.560739697313643.1073741838.559938987393714&type=3&theater