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01-11-06, 17:14

I have been on Citalopram for 4 months and was on Zopiclone sleeping pills for a while. I have been off the sleeping pills for at least two months and have seen a slow improvement in sleeping. I am able to go to sleep and get a few hours and am then dozing from then on. Not ideal but a step in the right direction. Unfortunately I am increasingly finding that after the first little bit of sleep when I wake up I can't go back to sleep. This seems to be increasing the depression and making me very very low. I am currently taking Citalpram in the evenings as when I first took it, it made me very drowsy so seemed to help a little with sleeping. What are other people's experiences? Is there any benefit to moving the time of day that I take this to the morning? Mostly these are prescribed to be taken in the morning, I have no idea why unless they potentially cause sleeplessness.

Many Thanks in advance.

01-11-06, 23:08
I take citalopram and was told to take them in the morning.Not sure about anyone else.Maybe you should change it for the morning.;)

Ellen XX

02-11-06, 11:18

My sleep pattern is so messed up since being on citalopram.

I doze off in the day, and then cant sleep at night. For the past year my average sleep a night is about 4 hours.

I did find having mine at night was slightly better for me than the mornings. My doctor said it was ok to take at night if i preferred.

I have recently reduced my dose as i am coming off them and have found that my sleep is slowly returning to normal.

love mandie

02-11-06, 11:49
thanks Mandie, tried this out last night and not a great night but got up feeling ok today, and took the Cital this morning instead. we'll see how this progresses. I am similar in that I get 4-6 hours at best a night and have found I'm out of it the next day. Its a strange paradox, sleep and mood, and I'm not sure I understand everything thats going on with me. Today I feel fine despite not a great night. Anyone with any tips would be great. I am trying to do a run at lunchtimes and swim at other times. It seems that the way your day starts sets up the whole day so if I can begin to get that nailed then other things will fall into place. As ever patience is required.