View Full Version : i want to have another baby in a year

30-10-13, 19:10
i want to have another baby in a years time but im scared because I've had panic attacks since having my first! I don't know what to do im scared that having another might make them worse!

30-10-13, 20:50
Hi Natalie, hmmmm read my threads posts if u wish on my current pregnancy experience.
Don't want to put you off at all, but reading posts from someone like me who suffers with PA , might give u some reality into what it's like.

You can surmise but until your pregnant u really don't know how good or bad you'll be BUT like me if u really want a baby go for it you only live once & can u imagine the regret.

This is my 3rd and final baby though. Could not go through with it again no matter how broody I got. With my last 2 children I wasn't diagnosed with GAD but obviously this time it's been very very hard.

Good luck whatever u decide x

30-10-13, 22:02
thanks alot for the advice col I'll have a look at some of your posts! They are such a nightmare panic attacks are thanks :) x

30-10-13, 22:38
Hi natalie I was a panic when I had my first ....but I had another one ..double panic at times but double thefun too. Dont let it put you off if I can do it with my worrying about things that havent even happened you can too ! :hugs:

07-11-13, 11:55
thanks Pepsi, i feel abit better about it now, i know it will be hard but i might just go for it might wait til my daughter is 3 though shes 14 months now x