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Fred Speed
31-10-13, 14:46
Hi there, just found out I'm pregnant again (about 5 weeks) after a miscarriage in July.

I'm so anxious that I'm going to have another miscarriage, a molar pregnancy or an ectopic pregnancy!

My HA has been great for a few months now but now the worry has returned with avengance!

Any body have any tips on how to cope. I just need to get to 12 weeks and then I'm sure I'll be fine! :)

31-10-13, 21:02
Ahhhh bless there's me and babs on here at the moment who are at term & if u read some of my stats OR post i put on babs thread - I've had an horrific time!

3rd child & last NO matter what NO MORE......but with other 2 I was Not, a diagnosed GAD sufferer. Maybe I was in hindsight, but was only after my breakdown & acute PA in 2011 that brought all to the surface.

Anyway other 2 pregnancies weren't without problems I just don't carry babies well. BUT typical as now I do have full blown GAD I end up this time having a big bleed and a clot at 8-9 weeks? Obviously for me I've never experienced miscarriage and bleeding like this B4 , SO we thought misscarriage , ambulance came the lot very very scary!

So I'm 37 weeks and yep not Going to lie I've been having horrific anxiety as you'll see if u read my stats BUT NONE the less - I've made it to nearly full term AS I AM SURE U WILL:hugs:

I don't know what a MC is like but I can relate to u with my experience it was a roller coaster emotionally me & hubby genuinely thought we'd lost our little bub! It's been a very very difficult journey for me and I Was on egde for weeks after , combined with severe sickness and bleeds for a few more weeks. Then the anxiety of scans, bloods etc. NOT been easy and in fact typing this makes me think back to that specific moment in our bathroom when we were sat in a daze panicking what to do. I can't wait to see my baby & although health wise I've had it very tough, I'm so very lucky.

:hugs: take it easy x

Fred Speed
01-11-13, 10:13
Thanks for our reply! I just keep thinking with every day that passes theres less chance of anything bad happening!

01-11-13, 14:13
Exactly :flowers: it's very hard though

14-11-13, 17:11
I know how you're feeling - i'm 5 and a half weeks pregnant and also can't stop worrying about things! It's my first pregnancy so not sure what feelings are 'normal' so every slight ache/pain i'm worrying about.

I have problems with anxiety anyway and also have a needle/blood/hospital phobia which doesn't really help, knowing what's to come! I'm just trying to take it a day at a time and stay as positive as I can.

Congratulations :)

Zoe x