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31-10-13, 13:53
Happy Halloween all!

This is what I have been working on for the past few weeks in my laboratory :winks:

Everything that's knitted, has been knitted by me and the pictures star Bonaparte the Skeleton, he is the hardest thing I've ever knitted and, boy! did he present me with a challenge or 2!!!

In some pics Bonaparte is wearing his cape and Top hat, in others he's in his Birthday suite :ohmy: :winks:

Also staring in the pics is my 1973 original Sindy........all dressed up for Halloween with clothes knitted by me.

There are cauldrons, an acorn, a Hedgehog and many other bits and pieces.

Witch Mountain, that you see on the end there, is actually a cake, not made by me, but will be partly eaten by me later!!! :winks:

I had so much fun, both with knitting this and with putting it all together :yesyes:

Next......it will be my Christmas project and I can't wait to start that!! :D


















31-10-13, 13:57
Auntie Moosie, these are excellent. Wow you have been busy! Amazing.
Happy Halloween x

01-11-13, 20:42
They r absolutely brilliant moosie!!!!

01-11-13, 22:24

you are so talented and clever, did You make them for somebody/event?

The details are superb, you should be very proud of yourself.
Have to any grandchildren to show them off to?

01-11-13, 23:44
Thank you so much Annie, Tessar and Clio :)

I had so much fun knitting them all, I must say though that Bonaparte did present me with a few problems, but it was all worth it in the end :)

Clio yes I do have Grandchildren who will enjoy them very much hun, a few of the characters I made were gifts for people too, so they'll all be going to good homes apart from Bonaparte and he's staying wit me, can't part with him :)

:hugs: :bighug1: :hugs: :bighug1: :hugs:


01-11-13, 23:52

Is that a cake of the witch? Don't tell me you made that as well!

Where do your talents end. Your grandkids must love the things you do.:yesyes:

02-11-13, 00:25
Yes it is a cake, but, no, I didn't make it hun, bought from Tesco's :)

I'm no good at cake decorating, I can make cakes, but I do the very basic of decorating them.........don't seem to have the patients or staying power for doing that........lol :hugs:

02-11-13, 05:44
ahhhhhhmazing!! i want all of these patterns but especially bonaparte skeleton! he's so cool! and the ghosts and the pumpkin and everything else oh my gosh i love them all! excellent work :yesyes:

02-11-13, 07:38
Amazing Mandy . How long did that take you to make all of these.

You could start a small home business making individual pieces for people and through recomandations it might well grow.:hugs:

02-11-13, 11:17
Wow AuntieM, have just seen this thread, you are amazing!! Fantastic work :yesyes:

I bet that kept you out of trouble for a while :D haha!!

:bighug1: xxxx

02-11-13, 11:49
Yes Auntie, Fantastic :hugs::hugs::hugs:

02-11-13, 12:23
Brilliant work.....................v. funny:D

02-11-13, 13:42
Thank you all, your kind and complementary words keep me going :D :hugs:

It all took me about 5 or 6 weeks to knit all the pieces, Bonaparte took the longest, bless him!!! :winks:

So, yes KittiKat, it did keep me well and truly occupied for a while..........my partner likes it when I'm occupied, he gets frightened when I'm not........he knows Christmas is coming and he knows that I'm already on the case.........so he believes that if I'm fully occupied with other things, the bank balance might remain stable for a while longer!!! :winks::roflmao:

Ricardo thank you, the thing is, there are heaps of other people doing knitting as a home business, so I'd have to really look for a niche in the market, it's hard to get your foot in the door when there's so many others out there doing the same, I tend to make things for people and give them as gifts, as I can make them unique to that individual :hugs: