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08-11-13, 03:55
Hi everyone. New here. I have a few questions but I will tell u my situation first. I have been on ESA and DLA for 3 year. Went for assessment every year and failed. Put appeals in and won.put on DLA middle rate and low rate mobility. ( don't think it will affect my pay from ESA tho). This time round I heard 10 days ago I won my appeal. They sent a letter and i received it the day after I won. . rang job centre today and they had no verification that I won appeal. But I phone the day after I won and the gentleman said they have got notification I won. So the lady today must of been lying. What can I do about the job centre saying the havnt received the letter from tribunal yet? I have been on reduced amount of 71 pound for the past 10 month. How much will my back pay be roughly and also how much will my ESA go up to. I have been put in in work activity group again. Thanks so much. I wish good health amongst you all.

08-11-13, 08:32
I don't really think any of us can answer your question as everyones circumstances are diffetent. You will be best calling the ESA centre. My Esa has just come to the end of its first year and as I am in the working group I have been told I cant get anything now.

08-11-13, 11:39

This happened to me after I waited weeks and weeks thinking they were sorting it out. I rang them after weeks and was told told they havnt received that I'd won appeal,I had to go to jsp and get them to scan my letter directly to them.

It's madness what the government as done the system, they suddenly except you to be well after 12 mths and leave you with nothing that's what you get for working! All your life 12mths

08-11-13, 18:49
They were supposed to monitor me and support me in return to work in the 12 months and apart from the first appointment in February I have not seen anyone at all for support.