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11-11-13, 13:40
After only 3 weeks of trying for a baby with my husband, yesterday morning we discovered that I am pregnant. The test says 2 weeks but when you work it out on a pregnancy calculator it states that actually i am 4 weeks.

Obviously we are overjoyed, but very shocked. I'd taken a pregnancy test about 5 days ago (before my missed period) and it came back negative. I actually posted on here to say how upset and anxious I was that it was a negative result, still I had a "feeling" I was, and 2 days late for my period it tells us the news we were hoping for but never expecting!

Since we found out though, my anxiety has been sky high, I barely slept last night and i'm very "cling" to my husband.

I'm on 30mg of Citalopram for anxiety, I only started Cit in January because I didn't really have a life, I couldn't go anywhere without panic.
Now i'm able to do the things i'd dreamed of, like go abroad, and even just go shopping and to resturants.

My dad and stepmum are the only people that know i'm pregnant, we told them a few hours after my test because we just couldn't wait However, I retched 3 times before telling them because I was so panicky.

My dad and husband say it's natural to be anxious, we've never done this before, but I worry with my history and all this panic and not sleeping i'm going to harm the baby.
I'm mainly worried something will go wrong and I'll lose the baby, I keep getting pains in my tummy and thinking i'm losing it, I get really out of breath and chest pains which my doctor has given me an inhaler for, but i'm worried that will harm the baby too.

I also had a long battle with an eating disorder, brought about due to my fear of being sick. So morning sickness, which I've read starts around 6 weeks) is a huge concern of mine too. I already have ginger biscuits in the house ready.

My husband is ringing the doctors today to get me an appointment asap, but until then I just don't know what i'm supposed to do, or how to calm my nerves.

Any advice for a terrified first time mum to be would be appreciated, thank you x

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I've just spoken to my GP over the phone who has put my mind at ease about some things.
I'm moving down a dose on my Citalopram, and the midwives will be in touch and then i'll go for a scan to date the baby.
I also mentioned the pains in my tummy which he wasn't concerned about and told me every expectant mother will be the same as far as anxiety is concerned, so so far, so good:D

I'm so anxious but i'm now uber excited :D

11-11-13, 15:24
Congratulations this is lovely news!!!! I know your dr has already put your mind at ease about the pains but i'd thought id try and help further. The pains you are feeling is everything stretching etc. Its completely normal. I also have a fear of vomiting and my morning sickness came at exactly 6 weeks, it was gross feeling that way all the time but I somehow managed to deal with it. Eat little and often so your blood sugar levels don't drop as this will make you feel worse - I found that sometimes sucking on a sour fruit lollipop would help ease it and ginger beer.

you are going to be just fine :-)


11-11-13, 15:27
Hi, congratulations on your news! Me and my partner are currently trying for a baby. My period is 3 days late. I took a test 2 days before my due date and it was negative. How many days before your due date did you take a test? Sorry I realise this question is a little irrelevant to your post x

11-11-13, 15:37
Thank you :)

I took a test about 2 days before my due date. which came back negative.

So yesterday I took it, I was either 2 or 3 days late. My advice is take another test now:)

Good luck:hugs:

11-11-13, 16:17
I think I might, but Im pretty sure I'l just be late - I was last month too. I think my body is taunting me! xx

11-11-13, 17:55
:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: Congratulations Miss Moose. Sending hugs