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08-11-06, 22:38
Over the past 2 weeks i've really been trying to get a grip and manage my anxiety. But yet again, at every turn it seems to make everything harder and harder. Im trying to cut down my diazepam intake too, but after the day i've had I just feel the need to escape again. I can't seem to stop shaking these days. Alcohol is the only thing that seems to give me a mental and physical break from all the anxiety and mental torture of thinking about it 24/7. Anyone else in the same boat. I've cut my drinking down to 2 days a week but really wanna cut it down to 1. Any tips on how to avoid slipping back into old habits? I just get so bored, frustrated and fed up and it drives me to drink again.

08-11-06, 22:51

It is a viscious circle sometimes living with anxiety. Alcohol seems like a relief for you but in fact alcohol will make your anxiety even worse and combined with the diazapam this may be causing your shakes.
What coping methods do you use on the other 5 days in the week to escape?

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08-11-06, 22:52

We all have bad days, some worse than others. You don't state how much you drink so I don't really know if it is a problem or not. A glass of wine or two, in my opinion, would not be one. Of course, that would be without the diazepam. We all know that alcohol is a depressant though, so too much of it can make things worse, and with most things if it becomes a habit it usually progresses to more and more.

You ask how to avoid slipping back into old habits? My answer would be to form new ones. Instead of coming home and being bored so that you would want a drink take up a hobby that might get you out of the house. Go see a movie. Go to your local library and look around for a good book. There are endless organizations you could volunteer at if you are not too tired at the end of a long workday. I guess my point is it is much easier to cuddle up with a drink in a nice chair to relax than to change what is comfortable and known and do something else, but if that is what you really want to do then you must make the change that is necessary. You choose what you want to do and make the difference. It will not be easy nor probably as much fun or comfortable but in the long run much healthier and better for you. I hope this has been helpful.


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08-11-06, 23:16

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09-11-06, 03:01

What has been said here is spot on. Alchohol wont work it doesn't do what you want it to do....it just makes things worse.

As Belle suggests you need to try to find something to put in the place of drinking, an activity or something...sport? watching or participating.

I have been inyoursituation and whilst you might get a quick short fix...it doesnt work in the long term and you will just damage yourself more.

Take care


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09-11-06, 08:24
I'd suggest pm some of the people who have posted on alcohol topics, not just reading them. When you want a drink, come here first and post and personal message those with experience. Perhaps someone who has 'been there' might be prepared to give you their text or phone number for those really bad times. There is no substitute for professional help through your gp and alcohol services and i know they can set up 'buddy' schemes with ex alcoholics. Love to you and all readers, Paul.

Love to all members