View Full Version : Anxiety over ct scan and dye

26-11-13, 11:48
I was going for a CT scan yesterday, but as soon as I get into hospital my pulse goes up. Couldn't have the scan without a beta blocker which I refused. I was so scared of that I nearly ran out. As I'm paying for it they could not say much. But there was no compassion. I can understand now why they could not do the scan as my heart beating a little fast would give a blurred picture. The consultant gas prescribed a tablet for next week. I'm so scared of taking it. Because I know my heart rate is normal except in doctors surgeries and hospitals. What happens after the scan and my heart rate goes to normal will the tablet make if go even more down than that. My normal is 60 to 65. But it went upto 100. Then while the consultant was talking yo me it dropped to 70 turn it went up again. I get what they say but scared. Help