View Full Version : going in hospital so scared

27-11-13, 14:33
I had a leyyer this morning to say im to be admitted next month for a angiogram .ive had one before and afterwards had a major panic attack .I know the hospital because I had brain surgry done there last dec the staff are great I also had a stent fitted in my ear its this they are checking ,I cant tell you how scared I am

27-11-13, 16:17
Please try not to be scared. It is something that has to be done to see if everything is ok. All the best to you:hugs::hugs:

27-11-13, 16:23
My Father just went through and angiogram and it went swimmingly. It gave him great news and peace of mind.

27-11-13, 20:12
thank you both so much:)i know I have nothing to be afraid of but I have GAD and remember after my brain surgry I was seeing all sorts of bad things my mind playing funny tricks I know it must be done another tick in the box xx