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27-11-13, 20:22
12 of Santa Claus' Naughty Elves have gone missing and he needs them to make the Christmas presents for all of the Good NMP Members.

They have Run off into the depths of NMP and Santa needs help to find them before they break all NMP's 'Elf and Safety' rules.

If you can find all 12 of the Naughty elves and then PM the Names of the Elves to either venusbluejeans or nomorepanic then you could win a NMP Calendar, that has kindly been donated by AuntieMoosie :yesyes:

All of the Elves are hidden in the 'sticky' threads of NMP and have their names below them

It is free to take part in the competition but as always any donations to NMP would be greatly received using the donate section of the website.


rules below


1) All Members are eligible to participate apart from Administrators of NMP

2) The Competition will close on Friday 13th of December and all winning entries will be put to a 'public' anonymous vote.

3) DO NOT write your answers on this thread please.

4)You will need to make sure that you can see ALL the forum, so if you normally hide a section of NMP then you will have to unhide it temporarily while you take part in the competition.

4) example of an Elf is as below... (this one is not included in you elf count)


30-11-13, 17:20
https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSzjKyJpzuarDQCq9ioeSBELwHAPZsrQ z6A0Db0PnS1yU0KuHE4ew

07-12-13, 23:31
Bump........ there can't only be 2 people out of 1,246 that want to win :)

14-12-13, 12:56
The Competition is now closed.

The members going into the anonymous vote are....


I shall secretly assign you a letter (a-e) and set up a poll. ALL members (apart from Admins) are free to vote :)

14-12-13, 13:49
Oh Man!!!! I just saw 'Christmas Competition for the first time and spent an hour finding all the elves. THEN I saw the closing date. BAH HUMBUG!

14-12-13, 14:31
Awwww no sorry Rain :(