View Full Version : anxiety on cymbalta

30-11-13, 20:34
Has anyone else experienced increasing anxiety 2-3 weeks after increasing their dosage of Cymbalta. I was on 30mg for 2 weeks and have now been 19 days at 60mg. This anxiety is far worse than before I went onto Cymbalta( I had to come off venlafaxine due to high blood pressure} and I wonder if it is still start up effects or whether my dosage needs to be increased.

13-01-14, 19:27
If you're experiencing increased anxiety compared with before you started the medication, its start-up effects by the sounds of things. A lot of people feel more anxious when starting meds and get their dosage increased even when they just need to give it more time. It can take a good couple of months for side effects to fade and for the medication to start working properly.

14-01-14, 16:02
When I was on duloxetine, my GP wouldn't go above 60mg - that's the standard limit. I think if you don't benefit from that a higher dose is unlikely to help and may just increase the side effects.

This is the only drug that my GP ever warned me about with regard to withdrawal, so if or when you do come off it make it very slowly!

As for the anxiety - it didn't really benefit me till about 4 weeks (I think I was on 30mg for 2 weeks, then up to 60). The increase also brought more anxiety and depersonalisation.

I sincerely hope it kicks in for you soon.

14-02-14, 18:54
I was on 60mg, and are now on 90. It was a big help in my depression. The max dossage is 120mg on Cymbalta, atleast here in Norway.