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14-07-04, 19:32

I've been burning aromatherapy oils and taking rescue remedy (as well as paroxetine) and all of a sudden I have developed a terrible sore throat and can hardly speak.

Can this be down to overuse of the oils or is it a side effect of the prescription medication?

Or is it probably just a sore throat? Was feeling better:D till this throat thing started. Can't win!!:(

Emma xx

14-07-04, 19:50
Hi Emma

No expert but i burn oils and am on medication and it has never given me a sore throat. But we are all different.

Does your meds state they could give you a sore throat? Wouldnt think they would be maybe they could have lowered your immune system and made you more susceptable to bugs that are going around?

There are lots of bugs going round at the moment, so i am sure it will be that, rather than the meds and oils.

Pleased to hear you were starting to feel better, hope it carries on that way.

Take care.

Love Sal xxxxx

14-07-04, 21:04

u may of caught sumot. iv gotta cold at the mo and i have a well bad sore throat

itll get better. just drink loads

Scooter Girl

if i wa hungry would u feed me, if i fell u you help me up, if i was crying would brush away my tears

14-07-04, 22:49
Not likely to be oils or meds.

Out with the Strepsils , lots of fluids, some extra Vit C and ginger essential oil drops in your bath .


15-07-04, 08:39
Hi Emma

It's probably just a sore throat and I am sure you will soon feel better, drink plenty of fluids and chill out !!!

Take care


15-07-04, 08:55
You're right.....it is a cold! Woke up with throbbing head and runny nose. They'll think I'm a right sicko when I go back to work tomorrow!

Emma x