View Full Version : PM's in the chat room

07-12-13, 01:42
As you may be aware we turned Private messaging off in the chat room a year or so ago as we were finding that some people were abusing them and we had many other issues with them.

Private messages(PMs) in the chat room have now been turned back on!

This is only on the understanding of a few rules.

PMs carry the same rules as what the normal chat room does, ie, no strong language, Cybersex Etc (if unsure if the chatroom rules then please look them up here. http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/article...andconditions/ (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/articles/termsandconditions/)

When using the PMs please also keep an eye on the main room to watch for people coming in or out, there is nothing worse than coming into the chat room and feel like you are being ignored!

If you would like to PM a member who you do not know very well then please ask in the main room first if it would be ok to PM them.

DO NOT use the PMs in the chat room to gang up on/abuse/talk about other members behind their backs.

ANY breakage in these rules may lead to the PMs being turned back off and the individuals involved banned from the chat room or ultimately the whole site.