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27-12-13, 15:29
I've just started taking citalopram for anxiety and depression. Day 11 today. I'm experiencing all the nasty side effects especially over the top anxiety. Past day or two have been better though, but I'm still waking frequently through the night. Yesterday my dr called me in a script for klonopin since I wasn't finding Xanax very helpful for sleeping. I would wake up nearly as much and anxious. So I haven't used it in over a week. (I never took more than one .5 mg tab at bedtime and only for three or four days.)

Yesterday was my first day in a few weeks not eating wheat and sugar and eating a lot less carbs. It typically causes me to be light headed and sort of off anyway when I do that when I'm not dealing with anxiety.

So last night I probably stayed up way too late, was starting to become more anxious, I took a 0.5 mg klonopin cut it in half, then into quarters. So I only took a quarter of a 0.5 mg tab. I slept for about two hours, woke up anxious and took the other quarter tab. Around three hours after the first dose. I did not get back to sleep the rest of the night.

Now I'm afraid the klonopin caused me more anxiety..... But another part of me is thinking I simply took too small of a dose for it to work properly...

I realize I'm still very early to the citalopram and the change in my diet likely didn't help matters. I also did get sleep when I took a 0.5 Xanax, although it only lasted 3 or 4 hours.

Do you think it's more likely I didn't take enough?

I'm so tired of feeling this way. I really thought I'd turned a corner. I had actually gotten to where I would still wake a few times during the night but fell back easily. Now last night I barely managed two hours. I keep telling myself it's just like having a newborn again and it will get better . :wacko:

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Well I sucked it up and took the other half of the tab .25mg about an hour ago. Already feeling the edge slipping away and feeling drowsy.

Think I'm going to just take the plunge tonight and take the whole tab at bedtime tonight. And eat more carbs.