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09-01-14, 20:30
Hello everyone, hope you're having a good evening.

On Tuesday, I had to have an endoscopy and for some very ODD reason, I wasn't even anxious about it. Even when I got there and was ready to go in.

Anyway, I had to wait a while before they got round to giving me a shot in my arm as I opted for sedation (which I hated, by the way, since I HATE needles lol). After that, I had to wait 15 minutes before going in to have the endoscopy.

Firstly, they sprayed the back of my throat with the numbing spray and it tasted like sour bananas. Not very nice, but nothing bad at all. It feels like you can't swallow but you can. That was uncomfortable but seriously, it wasn't even that bad. All I remember after that was closing my eyes and feeling the camera in my throat (didn't even know they had put the mouth guard in or swallowing the camera), then before I knew it, I was being wheeled back into the ward where the nurse gave me biscuits and a nice hot cup of tea. :D I'd definitely have another one if the doctors told me to without hesitation. And I'm the biggest WIMP in the whole world haha.

I need to say that you should NOT read bad experiences with this because honestly, it was nothing! :hugs:No gagging, no nausea, no pain, nothing. Well, I only felt faint but that's because I just hate needles and seeing blood lol.

I know how you all feel, though. We always assume the worst out of things like this, but always turn out completely fine.

Apparently, I have a weak esophagus just like my dad. So I'm GLAD I know the causes of my horrible symptoms. Gotta wait to get some medication from the doctors now. :)

Good Luck to anyone that has to have this done!

10-01-14, 13:13
Hi I am really really glad that it went well for you, just so you are aware, the sedation you had doesn't always work for everyone. Usually you would be given a pain killer ie pethidine and had the 2nd drug administered slowly(may just have been the 2nd drug in your case). The 2nd drug makes you forget. It may be that you felt nothing and it wasn't actually painful or uncomfortable which is awesome and shows a good Dr and staff and that's how it should be. However during the procedure if it was painful or uncomfortable you would feel all of it and know it was happening at that moment but due to the 2nd drug you wouldn't remember it afterwards . The issue comes when the procedure is not "by the book" and the sedation doesn't really work for whatever reason, you would then remember and have felt everything but possibly been in a situation where you couldn't let the staff know this. There are other ways to have this procedure done and I don't want to scare anyone because it should be done to catch possible problems etc. but would like the medical community to be honest with patients about their options and risks as well as trying to make the experience better rather than accept that 75 -85 % of people don't remember so that's okay.

10-01-14, 23:38
Glad all went well for you RLS1994.

Really interesting information from RyanS. I went for an endoscopy about 3 years ago. I'm ok in the day but in the night I regurgitate acid and wake up with the foul taste of it in my mouth and sometimes a burning throat. I'm on omeprazole but still get breakthrough acid often.

I was given an injection into a canular when I was in the waiting area then went through and had the spray. I did not feel sedated in any way. I have a terrible gag reflex so this procedure terrified me. I could have driven home and even walked a tightrope as I was not effected in anyway by the sedation! I couldn't go through with the endoscopy I was choking and in sheer panic mode when he asked me to swallow it. I screamed for them to take it out as I was gagging so much.

I really should have this procedure done to check my esphogus is okay as it's exposed so often to acid coming up from my stomach. I thought it was only me that had this problem so it's very interesting to read what you have put, I'll ask my GP. I have IV sedation for dental procedures and that works fine.

16-01-14, 00:44
Well, I didn't know that.. :shrug:

If your doctor recommends to have it done, then you should. I know it's hard and horrible but it's better to be safe than sorry.

19-01-14, 21:08
Hi Bernie, if you have had this recommended then you should go for it. You can ask for general anaesthetic if need be. That way there are no risks in waking up or it not working.